Altcoins的推動下向上 & 準備發射 | 熱門推薦最高 % 上邊 (月球潛在的) 六月 2018

Altcoins的推動下向上 & 準備發射 | 熱門推薦最高 % 上邊 (月球潛在的) 六月 2018


Take Me To The Moon! Top Picks June 2018



#13 Enigma ($ENG)



What is Enigma?

Enigma is a privacy-focused project that is deploying a protocol to allow for data on the blockchain to be shielded from being accessed by third-parties, all the while avoiding the encryption that would make the data unusable for computation. Their aim is to turn Smart Contracts into Secret Contracts, opening the door to a number of privacy-sensitive industries to find solutions in the blockchain. Powered by the ENG token, it has already deployed Catalyst, a Dapp developed using the Enigma protocol that offers a decentralized data-driven crypto-asset investment and research marketplace.

Why we like Enigma

Enigma offers a very attractive value proposition while already having a deployed platform with tens of thousands of users. 2018’s second quarter will see the team deploying their main protocol’s testnet, which should be followed by their mainnet in Q3. 也, they will be at the Consensus conference, which takes place in New York between the 14th and 16th of this month, and are slotted to make an announcement, which should gather considerable investor attention. 與此同時, ENG is starting to show signs of strength after a 90% price retracement, with growing volumes and a slight price uptick.

#12 Stratis ($STRAT)



What is Stratis?

Stratis has been developed to be a side-chain supporting blockchain. With a blockchain-as-a-service mentality, the platform allows other projects to develop their own applications on their own independent side-chains. It uses APIs as a way to access the side-chain, which overcomes issues of network maintenance and traffic. Because it has been designed in C#, a much more popularly known language than Solidity that was used to build Ethereum, Stratis offers an easy and reliable platform for developers to build their apps in.

Why we like Stratis

Stratis has been a sleeping giant for a while. After a price peak at over USD$20 in January, the STRAT token has retraced back to below USD$4 before a slight bounce to USD$7, where it stands now. The token is following a sustained upward trend that should greatly accelerate once the team launches its new ICO-dedicated platform. Scheduled for the 9th of May, this platform will greatly streamline crowd sales for blockchain projects and should bring a lot of attention from investors. Smart Contract launch is also not far in the horizon, so stay tuned.

#11 本體論 ($ONT)



ONT is a NEP-5 token native to the NEO blockchain. Ontology is a dual token system very similar to NEO. By staking your ONT, you receive Ontology Gas (ONG), which is used as the fuel to performance transactions on the Ontology blockchain.

Ontology is attempting to tackle a massive issue: how do we verify data and personal identity in order to confidently upload information from the “meatspace” onto the blockchain? Without digital identity and secure data, no one can participate in the smart economy being created by NEO.

It’s an ambitious project that aims to work with all the major industries such as government, healthcare, insurance, and banking. While Ontology is a public blockchain, they will be creating private chains for companies and governments to store (and share) sensitive data such as healthcare records.

Learn more about Ontology here.

Why You Should Watch ONT

Mainnet Launch in June 2018

Ontology is one of many projects launching their mainnet in June, and it has seen an impressive run-up since being listed on Binance back in April. We may start to hear announcements of partnerships coming out after the launch, which could keep the momentum going.

Massive Team Backed By Tons of Resources

It’s good to see that Ontology has an absolutely massive team to match the ambition of the project. They’ve also partnered with a handful of Venture Funds focused on developing companies in the tech space, namely Sequoia Capital, Danhua Capital, and Matrix China.

Not to mention, NEO and Ontology were both created by the parent company Onchain. Onchain was co-founded by NEO’s founder (Da Hong Fei) and Ontology’s founder (Jun Li), signaling a tight-working relationship between the projects.

Strength of the NEO Ecosystem

Instead of competing for market share, each new project in the NEO ecosystem seems to fulfill an important niche. This leads to increased functionality of the ecosystem, which benefits all projects involved. 隨著時間的推移, this shared vision may create an unstoppable network effect, making it nearly impossible for another ecosystem to overtake NEO in China. If this happens, the ONT token will be worth orders of magnitude more than it is today.

#10 腦深部電鏈 ($DBC)



腦深部電鏈 (DBC) 在這裡列出的所有低估cryptocurrencies的, 這一個是最有可能的,如果你正在閱讀這篇文章來自這幾個月被公佈為大. DBC是基於NEO智能合同令牌這已經上市KuCoin和即將上喉痺上市, 一個流行的韓國交換.

它解決了在人工智能領域的重要問題, 新款的電腦培訓, and that’s one of the reasons DBC could be so valuable.What DBC does is create a blockchain based neural network training platform that connects computers across the world. 它本質上可能會或可能不會在未來的天網使用的分佈式人工智能創造網絡.

#9 DragonChain ($DRGN)



總部設在美國的公司, 龍之鏈 已獲得了相當多的關注來自新人和老將加密投資者. 龍之鏈提供blockchain作為一種服務, 這使得企業能夠實現blockchain技術來保護他們的數據庫,並執行智能合同 - 無需任何專業技術知識. 所有的業務數據由船東公司,並與無服務器的可擴展平台保留, 任何進一步的發展可以很容易地進行.

除了現實世界中使用案例, 龍之鏈 也可作為獨家感染控制主任的平台,只能由持有DRGN令牌參與. 龍鏈的ICO功能預計將作為在一個關鍵要素 200 項目計劃推出的最初的硬幣穿過龍連鎖獨家提供. 為了讓事情變得更好, 任何即將到來的龍連鎖ICO將接受美國的投資者,只有一個KYC (了解你的客戶) 是必須的.

為了使這一起, 一個令人難以置信的才華團隊形成一個由一些很有成就的個人. 團隊認可資格的名單太長這篇文章,但一個值得注意的細節需要注意的,包括, 是龍連鎖的創始人, 喬Roets - 有 20 多年在軟件架構經驗,並一直參與公司,如庫存積壓, Coinbase, 和沃爾特迪斯尼. 作為一個美國的公司有基礎設施,是完全可擴展, 一個誘因HODL程序, 並獨家感染控制主任正在平台上推出 - 龍鏈正在加緊是一個有前途的項目.

有了正確的在三月底推出的AWS服務器更少平台, 我們認為,當市場轉, DRGN是要飛 (還是會上升?)

通常像這樣的通知已經在定價, 但隨著市場在當前狀態, 人似乎並沒有對龍有相當多的熱情回已躍升,因為它們可能在未來幾週內.

龍也許是這些選秀權的最佳長期持有的一個,以及, 所以現在可能是你一生最好的切入點之一.

哪裡可以買到DRGN: Kucoin

#8 麵包 ($BRD)



麵包令牌 (BRD) 使用流行的麵包錢包應用程序時,折扣和其他服務. 麵包是第一cryptocurrency錢包提供忠誠度和客戶獎勵計劃. 在競爭激烈的cryptocurrency錢包市場, 麵包已經收購了 650,000 客戶遍布全球 150 國家. 下一步在激勵人們留在麵包裡面的生態系統.


麵包錢包是一款免費的iOS或Android下載和易於設置. 沒有在安裝過程中收集註冊信息或個人信息. 一旦下載該應用程序,你可以導入一個比特幣錢包或創建一個新的. 如果你創建一個新的錢包, 你會提供一紙鍵, “的列表 12 話 可用於訪問恢復到你的錢包,如果你曾經丟失或升級您的手機。“

如果您決定以後使用不同的錢包, 該 12 詞可以用來生成私鑰,你仍然可以恢復您的比特幣. 鍵是從您的設備才能訪問,所以你不必擔心麵包遭到黑客入侵.

簡單的用戶界面具有用於發送和接收比特幣選項. 在菜單選項, 對於某些國家, 有直接從應用程序的麵包買比特幣的能力.

麵包的最終目標是建立一個 分散銀行. 正如製作的Airbnb不擁有任何酒店和尤伯杯不擁有任何汽車, 麵包實際上並不持有任何你的錢. 他們只是協助發送和接收你的錢. 該公司總部設在蘇黎世,但用戶在世界各地提供服務.

與各種金融服務機構的麵包會有的合作夥伴,以允許“購買和比特幣的銷售, 工資直接存入比特幣, 支付帳單, 購買和令牌銷售, 加密資產的投資回報率追踪, 等等. 麵包是旨在減少客戶對傳統的基於菲亞特銀行的依賴,並將其移動到分散銀行的世界.

而不是試圖在每個國家建立和成為符合法律規定, 麵包簡單地與合作夥伴 建立第三方 在不同的國家. “如果你打開在日本的麵包, 你會被給予訪問是符合法律規定,並在日本為客戶提供服務的本地交換服務. 如果您前往德國,並打開您的麵包有, 你會看到,可用於在該地區使用的服務。“

#7 卡爾達諾 ($ADA)



much-awaited KEVM Testnet for Cardano has been released a few hours ago. K-EVM is a stack-based machine which is an executable form of semantics at the Ethereum Virtual Machine [EVM]. This is the first ever Cardano smart contracts corrected by an EVM, specified in the K framework.

Tweet by IOHK:

“First Cardano smart contracts testnet launches today, the KEVM testnet. This is the first time that a complete formal semantics of the EVM have been produced and important first in cryptocurrency that is a step towards building 3rd generation blockchains: HTTPS:// “

查爾斯Hoskinson, the CEO of Cardano tweeted:

“Yo Dog, I heard you like smart contracts? So we put smart contract in your smart contracts on a blockchain Cardano CL’s first testnet has been released”

All the developers are allowed to take any application that runs on EVM and test it on KEVM to prove the complete working of the smart contracts. The Testnet is executed by specifying the desired property from the contract in K and combining the contract with the KEVM specification. 進一步, the K framework can be used to verify all the existing properties.

The technology is produced by Runtime Verification with the support of IOHK. IOHK claims that this is an important step towards the promise of third-generation blockchains.

The next Cardano test is scheduled in the month of July, which is a new virtual machine called IELE. IELE will give the developers the leverage to write, compile and execute smart contracts, with improved security and performance compared to the KEVM Testnet.

#6 KYBER網絡 ($KNC)




KYBER網絡 (KNC) 是一個分散的交換建立儲備制度. 該項目, 它舉行了ICO晚 2017, 是正式通知,並通過維塔利克·巴特林支持的兩個項目之一 (Buterin已宣布他的支持和周密公開的人為Kyber網絡和OmiseGo).


在它的核心, KYBER也是通貨緊縮. 該儲備必須持有和花費KNC執行這些交易, 和廢KNC的一部分被燒掉每一筆交易之後. 由於人為Kyber網絡上的用戶和儲備增加, 這樣會為KNC的需求. 然而, KNC的供應量將減少同時. 高增長的需求以及供給低等於積極的價格行動.

如果整個市場看, 你可以看到如何兌換令牌一直看好在過去的幾個月中. 令牌如BNB, ZRX, KCS, 和KMD都找到自己的方式進入 最佳 50 cryptocurrencies 在CoinMarketCap. 然而, KYBER正坐在那70年代, 它似乎在這個範圍內已經穩定. 基於其他實用令牌在該領域取得成功, KNC似乎被嚴重低估.

哪裡可以買到KNC: Binance 要么 Kucoin

0X ($ZRX)



0x是為了發現和執行一個開源協議. 該0X小組的目標是提供訂單和流動性的實際匯率. 因此, 協議刺激行為第三方來創建信道, 所謂“relayers,“為用戶產生和播放這些消息. 0X允許relayers收取手續費, 計價ZRX, 他們的服務. 雖然0X提供了分佈式交換的後端基礎設施, relayers將提供前端服務,讓0X與現有的集中式服務競爭.

除了促進現有DApps內交流, 在0X協議還使得任何第三方進行直接建在0X的頂部專用的分散交換. 這些政黨被稱為relayers; 它們運行使用0X合同自己的訂單和用戶界面,但交易行為. 雷達繼電器, 該0cean, 阿爾法健, Paradex, 和 EthFinex 是正在建設0X relayers所有獨立公司. 其他項目如 dYdX, , 和 市場 使用0X構建衍生品等金融產品.

0X有一個非常優秀的團隊正在使用最好的技術方法解決最迫切的需求之一在密碼生態系統 (關鏈繼電器與鏈結算) 加上強大的市場驗證. 已經出現周圍0X的生態系統incredible-不僅relayers建立在0X傳統交易所, 但其他人使用該協議提供的其他金融工具, 和許多在復仇生態系統中最大的項目之一是直接集成0X.


#4 EOS ($EOS)



EOS is a general purpose smart contract blockchain platform created by Dan Larimer and the team. EOS has prioritized speed, scalability, and end user experience.

EOS uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (殘疾人組織) consensus mechanism to achieve high throughput, with no transaction fees. The EOS token is required to leverage shared network resources such as bandwidth, storage, 等等.

Why You Should Watch EOS

There is a long list of reasons to invest in EOS, and here are a few things to keep your eye on in June.

Mainnet Launch

After a year-long ICO raising over $2 十億, the EOS blockchain will finally go live on the mainnet on June 2. There has been a ton of hype, but can EOS possibly live up to it all?

EOS is highly capitalized, which suggests that they will throw a lot of money into their launch. Besides their massive hackathon series, presumably the EOS team reserved some big news to announce during the launch.

Scalability Wars

Scalability is one of the most talked-about issues in 2018, and EOS is a high-performance blockchain positioned to capture that value.

EOS plans to launch with 1,000–6,000 TPS. If this is realized, they will have one of the fastest blockchains available today. EOS achieves high performance through the use of Delegated Proof-of-Stake (殘疾人組織) with a relatively small amount (21) of Block Producers (a.k.a. 節點).

Will Solidity developers wait until Ethereum increases throughput via sharding, or will they jump ship to EOS, which can already process thousands of transactions per second? Adding fuel to the fire, EOS plans to offer the ability to simply port projects from Ethereum over to EOS.

Airdrop Culture

Most projects built on EOS have done (or are planning to do) an airdrop for EOS token holders. While this is by no means a requirement, it’s a great strategy to seed your community, and it makes the EOS token more valuable. There are at least 5 scheduled airdrops in June, most notably, Everipedia’s IQ token.

Buy the Rumor, Sell the News?

So far in 2018, EOS has been one of the best-performing tokens in the top 100 by market cap. As we approach the mainnet launch, will we see a selloff that typically follows big events? Or will the EOS token maintain its strength long term?

#3 圖標 ($ICX)



圖標 (ICX) expects to build the largest decentralization network of communities such as financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, universities, 和更多. 圖標 (ICX) decentralization networks allow independent blockchains with different governances to transact with one another without intermediaries. Anyone can create a new blockchain project and join the network. A new blockchain project is free to connect with existing projects and create new unique worlds, or blockchain multiverse. 圖標 (ICX) itself can be viewed as both a living organism and an ecosystem.

Happening Now

圖標 (ICX) is already working with South Korea institutions. 圖標 (ICX) is a vision with a proven track record and has progressed beyond the initial concept stage. 圖標 (ICX) already boasts communities comprised of reputable institutions, 銀行, securities, insurance, hospitals, universities, 和更多. The company states, “a future with faster money remittance and frictionless value exchange of securities, medical records, academic data, insurance fees is within our reach.”

South Korea as a major key player in cryptocurrency and with a GDP of $1.4 trillion one could only imagine if merely a fraction of South Korea institution gets on board圖標 (ICX) Network. 圖標 (ICX) is being set to be a regional cryptocurrency much like NEO 是個 復仇 (ETH) of China.

Flood of Partnerships

圖標 (ICX) as a South Korean based project has a regional advantage with support from their regional industries and government. Samsung, Hyundai, Wanchain, Aion are working partners with 圖標 (ICX).

LINE Corporation, a Japanese based app development company known for its LINE social media platform with over 200 million daily active users, integration into the ICXblockchain network will be a massive exposure.

Good Time To Buy Icon ICX?

Down from an all-time high by 78% from a $4.736 billion market cap and price of $12.51, 圖標 (ICX) has experienced a massive correction since January 9th of this year, which is a good indication to buy. As cryptocurrency investors, we are looking for coins that are experiencing a 40% 至 70% price correction and has found support at a 3,100 至 3,400 satoshi price and an above average volume of $20 million volume per 24hr.

比特幣 (BTC), 復仇 (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) have experienced their share of massive corrections in price this year.

Alongside the price, correction is the constant influx of new partnerships 圖標 (ICX) 一世s adding. In a speculative market, partnerships are key for a massive return on investment. 圖標 (ICX) is on top of this metric. Considering all the appropriate metrics, I believe now is the time to buy 圖標 (ICX).

#2 Neblio ($NEBL)



Project Overview

Neblio is one of several projects trying to get enterprises on the blockchain. 然而, Neblio has a few features that make it stand out. Most notably, they’re focused on “making blockchain simple” by offering APIs, education, many programming languages, and extensive documentation.

Neblio uses the NEBL token to act as “gas” to power the network. Neblio is a pure Proof-of-Stake (銷售點) 塊鏈, and users can earn rewards from staking in their NEBL inside the Neblion Orion Wallet.

Why You Should Watch NEBL

Enterprises are generally driven by a profit motive, which means they will start adopting new technology (塊鏈) as soon as it makes financial sense. Neblio is positioning themselves as a blockchain service provider to help these enterprises unlock the value of the blockchain.

Here are a few reasons to consider investing in Neblio.

They Support Many Programing Languages

Neblio is starting with Python, Java, JS, Node.Js, .NET, Go, Objective-C, and PHP. This will help traditional developers leverage the blockchain without being forced to learn a new language.

Room To Grow

While the NEBL token is up over 45x since its ICO price of $0.20, they still have a relatively small market cap ($94 百萬). That is 15x smaller than another project in the same industry (Stratis), whose market cap peaked at $2 billion in early 2018.

Beta Release of Their Neblio API Suite v2

Sometime in Q3, Neblio will officially “go to market” with the beta release of their Neblio API Suite v2. According to their roadmap, they will start by targeting healthcare records management, supply chain contract negotiation and validation, and online identity management applications.

NTP-1 Token Protocol

Neblio has created their own NTP-1 token protocol standard (like an ERC-20 token, but for Neblio). This allows their future enterprise customers to launch their own tokens inside the Neblio ecosystem. The Neblio Orion Wallet currently allows staking of NEBL and will offer the ability to store other NTP-1 tokens.

Neblio is a top 3 coin to watch in June 2018.

#1 尊嚴 ($YOU)



Cryptobontix / Arbitrade (原團結錠)

Cryptobontix有統一元寶一個稍微不同的看法. 雖然他們仍試圖繼續保持整體資產的傳統想法玩了UNY, 他們還 轉換的令牌 進入一個新的令牌命名的尊嚴 (YOU). 聰明的合同金額也正在從巨大的減少 10 十億令牌至位更可接受 3 十億. 他們的主要重點,也是確保每個令牌是由支持 $1 金子的.

除了令牌轉換, Cryptobontix還計劃推出 3 週三其他令牌, 2月21日, 2018. 最終令牌細目如下: 代表一個令牌 $1 美元黃金, 假定新的DIG令牌, $2 美元銀的第二個新的令牌, $3 美元鉑金第三新的令牌, 和 $4 在鈀的第四個新令牌. 這是一個非常有趣的想法,因為現在這些令牌將有多種方式通過稀有金屬市場來支持自己的價值.

雖然UNY原來成功是有點沒落窒息 比特幣價值, 同時它推出了一個頗為有趣的方式,以確保令牌保留其價值,並且可以向​​下傳遞給後代.

從原來減少令牌的數量 10 以十億 3 十億應該在這令牌保持其價值的能力的巨大差異; 我們認為Cryptobontix在此犯了一個很好的決定. 添加額外的令牌向多元化的價值曲線也是一個很好的舉措.

*** 爆炸新聞 ***

管理 解決了所有謠言, 電報戲劇 & AROUND

  1. YOU 宣布新 (世界級) 管理團隊
  2. DIG目前的軌道上有 25,000 採礦鑽機運行起來 半年內. 他們對這次的目標明年 65,000 採礦鑽機.
  3. DIG宣布空投! 每個人都拿著DIG將被空投新令牌 免費為持有DIG獎金.

要接受空投, 你將有你的DIG標記移到非交換錢包.



  • 出埃及記錢包
  • MyEtherWallet (MEW)
  • Trezor硬錢包
  • 萊傑硬錢包
  • 麵包錢包
  • 菌絲體錢包

DIG標記可以被再次轉移到交易所, 一旦空投完成.

做你的盡職調查,並準備. DIG在沒有成本字面上加倍您的館藏所以現在你將擁有兩個不同的令牌.

對於一些即將到來的合作夥伴和新聞預計在未來幾個月內 (據業內人士) 尊嚴 (YOU) 可以做的另一種 500% 不費吹灰之力. 製作尊嚴 (YOU) 我們的 #1 最高上攻挑 % 上邊.

去哪買: LiveCoin


#1 Binance

Binance 是個 #1 交換在我們看來,. 如果您沒有與Binance一個帳戶,並計劃交易密碼。. 你會想要一個.

#2 Kucoin

加入 Kucoin 對於一些可能無法在Binance上市尚小/中小盤cryptocurrencies的.

KuCoin的FESS是真正具有競爭力. 它 收取的固定費用 0.1% 每筆交易, 而在secctor平均約為 0.20% - 0.25%. 除了, 對於那些誰持有股份KuCoin, 有誘人的折扣.




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比特幣和其他cryptocurrencies的價格極易揮發. 這是常見的價格來增加或一些硬幣,單日超過20-100%的下降. 雖然這可能意味著巨大的利潤潛力, 這也意味著巨額虧損的可能性. 這同樣適用於CryptoCollectible遊戲可以是瘋狂投機. 不投資你所有的錢在CRYPTOCURRENCIES. 只有投資的錢,你願意損失.

Cryptocurrency交易可能不適合本網站的所有用戶. 任何人都希望投資於cryptocurrencies應請教一個完全合格的獨立的專業財務顧問.




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