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Good Day from Arbitrade and Cryptobontix



At Arbitrade/Cryptobontix we feel it is essential to keep our followers, 投資者, 和令牌持有者上最新與我們的公司和家庭令牌的最新信息. 要做到這一點, we utilize a variety of communication platforms, such as email, press releases, and most recently, social media.



不幸, due to the nature and massive scope of what we have created and the multitude of parties involved, including governments, we are often prohibited from disclosing specific information without first receiving approval from one or more of these interested parties, which can cause the release of information to become delayed. These delays are regrettable but unavoidable.

Recognizing that social media provides a venue for real-time updates and a forum for interaction between the company and followers and followers with each other, we have embraced it by establishing, among other channels, an official Telegram group.

This update is a bit lengthy and encompasses several topics, the least of which is a bit unpleasant and a direct result of our decision to embrace social media as a means of communication.

Later in this message, we have some exciting news about a new token we’ll be sharing with the community as well as important updates related to our pending launch dates, but before getting to that, we must first address several discussions that have been brought up in both official and non-official Telegram groups.

As stated previously, we embrace social media and all of its benefits, but some unscrupulous individuals have chosen to use it as a means to spread misinformation, information taken out of context, and make derogatory statements, claims, and accusations against Arbitrade/Cryptobontix. The intent of these individuals is to create what is commonly referred to in the cryptocurrency community as Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (AROUND).

We can’t respond to every bit of gossip, fallacy or delusional comment being made about the company and its products but will address those we consider the most ridiculous and distorted.

For simplicity, we’ll refer to each of these as “ Gossip Topics” and give you the “Facts“:

Gossip Topic #1: 38 Main Street, Grand Bend, Ontario Canada is listed as the main office property for Arbitrade. A big deal has been made of this because it appears on Google Maps to be simply a small dress shop in a small beach community.

Fact: The truth of the matter is that this property has a large office upstairs that is owned by the original creator and owner of Arbitrade/Cryptobontix who chose to use the address on the original registration of both companies as temporary headquarters until more suitable accommodations could be acquired and setup. 自那以後, the new board of directors has taken over the company and the former owner is now working in the capacity of a consultant to the company.

Very shortly, Arbitrade will officially announce that it has placed an offer to purchase a seven-story office tower in the country where the business will ultimately be domiciled. The new headquarters will house 360 employees and be the head office of operations.

Gossip Topic #2: While a site for testing ArbiPay was temporarily visible to the public, someone chose to dig into the source code and discovered Badabing within it and made an issue out of it.

Fact: ArbiPay, which allows users to convert cryptocurrency holdings into a fungible asset easily and permits fast and secure per-to-per transferring, had been in development for over two years and is an amazing app; 然而, during that same time, the company came across a similar app named Badabing. Seeing Badabing as a superior product, with similar features, but one that can also operate in fiat dollars, the company quickly realized the potential of combining the applications and cross-integrating the platform with financial institutions and banks.

Although we had not planned to announce this until the end of this month, along with other news, Arbitrade has acquired Badabing in another acquisition. This software allows ArbiPay to become a leader in the banking sector, remittance sectors and PoS payment sectors plus so much more to will be revealed soon.

Gossip Topic #3: Perhaps because of the test site mentioned above being discovered during the brief point it was publically visible, derogatory comments have been made to the effect that our developers are “amateur hour.”

Fact: The URL that was live was a temporary test site for the developers to work out certain aspects and bugs before going fully live with the application. Testing has completed, the test site is no longer live, and should in no way reflect on the quality or professionalism of the team.

事實上, make no mistake, Arbitrade’s developers are at the top of their game and the Arbitrade and ArbiPay platforms are at the top of the industry standards.

There have been over 160 developers that have been working on every aspect of this platform and tokens for the last two years and, for the last six months, that number was increased to over 200.

Building products on blockchain technology like the ones our development team has is no small feat but our developers have risen to the challenge. Right now, we are in the middle of incorporating 11 top-level, cross-integrated applications into the Arbitrade platform, which is quite an accomplishment.

Gossip Topic #4: There have been insinuations and rumors that the company has no cryptocurrency mining rigs and the facility in Watford, Ontario has not been under refurbishment for months now to house a farm of mining rigs there.

Fact: The company has already purchased 8,000+ cryptocurrency mining rigs and will start deploying them under their operating names, such as Dignity, soon.

例如, 5,500 mining rigs are being deployed in Atlanta as we write this. 5,000 will be deployed for Dignity (YOU) and the remaining 500 for Reciprocation (ECHO). 另外, the company has already launched 50 Innosilicon D9 miners that harvest Decred and are getting phenomenal results right out of the starting gates.

The facility in Watford Ontario is also going online in a matter of days with over 2,800 mining rigs there that are ready to deploy with more showing up on a daily basis. Ronnie Moas, the analyst that has been a good supporter of the Dignity token, has been invited to tour these facilities in person, once they are up and running, very soon.

Gossip Topic #5: The Gold bullion that will be backing the Dignity (YOU) 代幣. There was a big stir in the Telegram groups about the wording of paying off “bullion debt” towards the gold in a communication sent on May 8th.

Fact: Arbitrade is acquiring $8.7 Billion worth of the four bullions (金, silver, platinum, and palladium) that will back the company’s four major tokens. 一個 $8.7 Billion acquisition is a huge amount of money, 事實上, it is at least three times larger than any ICO to date, especially considering Arbitrade chose not to hold an ICO and has been funded by friends, family, and insiders up to this point.

This gold acquisition is similar to that of a house purchase and a mortgage:

In a nutshell, the entities that are selling us the bullion are giving us title upon closing, meaning we own it like a person would if they purchased a house. Then they place a debt against said bullion under a structured financing over a certain period of time, which would be similar to a mortgage. 50% of the daily mined proceeds is applied to that debt. The only difference between a house mortgage and the Arbitrade bullion acquisition is that every day a certain amount of the bullion becomes wholly owned by the tokens each of the four bullion represents.

This wholly owned bullion is what can be redeemed each year during the utility token swap period if desired.

The payback period of the bullion will be extremely aggressive as Arbitrade is lining up the largest deal ever placed for mining rigs in the history of the industry, with Coin Miner. Coin Miner has developed a GPU mining rig with 600 hash power and running at a low wattage, which makes these one of the most powerful mining rigs on the market.

The Nelson Mandela golden hands acquisition was a way the company decided to kick off this monumental event and mark many great things for years to come. Although the company paid $10 million for this acquisition, along with the company, many high-end artifact/art collectors and appraisers believe that these hands could be worth over $50 million in the years ahead. This makes for a smart investment towards the Dignity gold holdings and to mark the company’s objectives to help everyone in need globally over the next several decades and our symbol, like Nelson Mandela’s, to fight for equality, health and happiness.

Gossip Topic #6: The final issue that needs to be addressed is the C-CEX UNY/DIG transfer difficulties and the claims that Arbitrade has not done enough to get this matter resolved quickly.

Fact: We have done everything within our powers to get this matter resolved, but the problem remains with C-CEX. Even after paying C-CEX 2.5 BTC before they would agree to do the swap, we were told the swap was a success even though it wasn’t.

This exchange has been a bloody nightmare to be blunt. We tried to cooperate, we even made a move to purchase the exchange, but the owner/operator will only respond at their convenience and desire. The exchange only allows us to contact them through email and Skype and they only respond when they are publicly humiliated for not assisting in the situation.

Until just earlier today, C-CEX has been ignoring all our communications from management and developers trying to fix the DIG contract and allow people to remove their tokens.

在這一刻, it seems they are willing to work with us again to fix the issues.

現在, on to the updates…

We have been advised today that the release of the website, white papers, executive summary, 等等, which were scheduled for tomorrow, the 25th, has to be withheld until the news about our home domiciled licensing is announced. We had initially been scheduled to present everything to the governments we are working with on the 24/25th of this month, but it has now been confirmed for Thursday, May 31st, which will be an all-day affair.

We suspect that we will be able to legally announce our positions, our only ICO for Arbitrade, the bullion holdings, our home office location, 等等. on June 1st and are extremely excited to do so. We know this has been a very long road for the people interested and following our progression, but our owners and board of directors want to do this properly and without legal issues. 話雖如此, the development behind the scenes for Arbitrade has been progressing extremely well as all the pieces of the puzzle are being brought together.


On that note, now for the GOOD news…




Just like in any business, you can plan for perfection, but you can’t always get it perfect. We have seen this ourselves in the past number of months, but our team of professionals have their eye on the prize for everyone’s best interest and are aiming for these deadline dates to be 100% ready.

我們要感謝社會各界的鼎力支持,在看到我們走過成長的煩惱, 所以我們計劃上的期待已久的新聞這些項目的官方消息發布和託管的獨家新的“獎金令牌”的空投.

令牌名稱尚未透露和, 此更新的目的, 我們將簡單地稱他們為“獎勵令牌。”

通過與我們的社交媒體經理分享他們的想法電報社區產生這種想法的人, 順便一提, 不是公司的一部分, 但自己的支持者,我們允許運營我們的官方社區作為社會管理者.

該“獎勵令牌”將具有相同的結構,由採礦與開始一些支持其他 350 鑽機. 他們將通過公告日的在線和運行,如果一切按計劃進行.

該“紅利”令牌將在幾個交易所上市,並會在加密空間中的第一個真正分散的令牌作為我們只發行正在舉行的DIG持有該公司及其合作夥伴之外令牌的確切數量. 這意味著,任何人都拿著DIG將被空投新令牌 免費作為獎金!

此令牌將無法管理或發行後公司內的任何人控制. 要接受空投, 你將有你的DIG標記移到非交換錢包, 這意味著我們將 100% 確保在C-CEX的情況之前,這樣做解決這些令牌持有者.

第三方如硬幣礦工將被保留,以管理令牌的挖掘工作,他們將支付 25% 每日開採收益. 採礦鑽機也將通過第三方的數據中心,以保持這些鑽機和該令牌真正分散託管. 我們下來到五個潛在的第三方的候選人,可以幫助在這一努力挖掘管理和託管. 談判正在進行,並決定將在本週月底公佈.

50% 每天的挖掘工作將每天進入該交易所的支持下,令牌的. 董事會將令牌持有者可以選擇到我們的管理人員被臨時任命為管理未來和令牌的增長,使任何人組成的實體控制這些. 這將使這些標記的第一個自我監測,真正分散令牌世界.

這將是一個臨時措施, 作為標記的未來將令牌持有者的社區是基於選票. 每個人都會有每持有令牌一票. 我們將寫附保護所有令牌持有者智能合同,這樣多數票業主無法負作用投票反對令牌持有者的社會其他. 將有優勢,對投票權持有更多的“獎金令牌”的, 但是,這些都有助於在未來幾天揭曉.

這有點類似於追加撚度的ECHO模式. 採礦將支持單詞和成長將根據客 25% 每天的挖掘工作將在購買更多的機器. 這將創建一個指數增長令牌看不到盡頭. 採礦將主要創造流動性令牌,將由選舉委員會來管理. Arbitrade管理層認為感謝你從我們的禮物給您幫助我們通過我們的成長的煩惱.

這個新的“獎金令牌”和空投的公告將很快, 你將有有限的時間內採取行動.

任何人都還沒有把他們的DIG標記私人錢包和選擇,讓他們對在空投期間的交流會錯過收購機會“獎勵令牌。”這樣做的原因是,如果DIG仍在上空投時的交換, 交易所將實際收到的“獎金令牌”本身並有可能使他們或“獎金令牌”將另行永久丟失.

本公司將不承擔責任令牌從不遵守指令所造成的損失, 作為有令牌的有限數量的空投.



  1. 領取“獎金令牌,“DIG不能舉行空投時的交換.
  2. DIG持有人將獲得“獎金令牌”免費上 1:1 基礎.
  3. 不持有公司內部和合作夥伴發出將標記的確切數字“獎金令牌”數量.
  4. 這些數字將etherscan下週五上午,只有持有DIG在信息被抓住將獲得免費的時間來抓住“獎勵令牌。”你必須保持你的DIG在場外的錢包,直到新的令牌已交付, 這可能需要一個星期才能全部完成.
  5. 該“獎勵令牌”將在最少兩個交易所上市到可能5年.
  6. 流動性是通過挖掘開始產生 350 鑽機和每月增長.
  7. 該公司將支持也不彌補任何人都沒有聽這些說明.
  8. 兼容的第三方錢包:
  • 出埃及記錢包
  • MyEtherWallet (MEW)
  • Trezor硬錢包
  • 萊傑硬錢包
  • 麵包錢包
  • 菌絲體錢包
  1. DIG標記可以被再次轉移到交易所, 一旦空投完成.

做你的盡職調查,並準備. 我們不花錢字面上加倍您的館藏所以現在你將擁有兩個不同的令牌.


最後要注意 -

電報組中的FUDsters, 由於缺乏一個更好的詞, 必須有什麼好做,而不是傳播FUD,試圖破壞該公司的進展和發展. 不管是什麼社會媒體稱, 除非是由公司認可的第三方社交媒體管理公司之一,通過該公司的唯一批准的社交媒體渠道之一說, 不相信. 我們是第一個出來的時候的東西都是好的或人性本惡,分享, 和其他一切僅僅是由人試圖操縱為自己的自私的理由令牌值建立炒作. 該公司不支持這些類型的操作,並會迅速和適當處理他們在必要時.

這些社會媒體渠道只有兩個, Twitter和電報. 下面是官方鏈接:

電報: HTTPS:// (社區團體)

電報: HTTPS:// (新聞頻道)

推特 : HTTPS://


我們為延誤道歉, 但我們以下政府和律師的指導,使代表DIG的所有正確的決定, Arbitrade / Cryptobontix社區.




Arbitrade Appoints Three New Independent Directors to Its Board

Makes two key senior management appointments – a new Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Technology and President of its subsidiary, ArbiPay

NEW YORK, 可能 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mr. Leonard Schutzman, Chairman and Chief Executive of Arbitrade, a leading coin/cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the appointment of three new independent directors to Arbitrade’s board together with two key executive appointments.

先生. Brent M. Longnecker will serve as Chairman of the Compensation Committee. 先生. Longnecker has more than 30 years experience in consulting for public and private organizations and has built one of the country’s leading, privately held executive management consultancies, serving both domestic and international markets. 先生. Longnecker serves on the board of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).

先生. Bob DeRodes has over 45 years of experience in information technology, focused primarily in four industry sectors – banking, airlines, payments and retail. He has spent 15 years automating regional banks and was President of Sabre Development Services and CEO of Delta Technologies. He was also CTO, Citibank Global Cards and Executive Vice President of First Data Global Operations & 技術. He served as Executive Vice President and CIO of Target Brands, Inc. 先生. DeRodes has significant experience in cyber security and has been an adviser to the CIO of Homeland Security.

先生. William Transier has also been appointed to Arbitrade’s Board of Directors. He is Chief Executive Officer of Transier Advisors, LLC, an independent advisory firm providing services to companies facing stressed operational situations, turnaround, restructuring or in need of interim executive leadership. He was co-founder of Endeavour International Corporation, and international oil and gas exploration and production company. He also served as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Endeavour from September 2006 until December 2014 and then as non-executive Chairman until his retirement in November 2015. He was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Ocean Energy, 公司, from March 1999 until April 2003 and served in various roles including KPMG, LLP, including that of partner in the audit department and head of its Global Energy practice, from June 1986 to April 1996. 先生. Transier is Chairman of the Board of Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. He has been a member of its board since September 2000 and currently serves as lead Director on the Board of Directors of two non-public companies were he is the lead independent director.

先生. Schutzman was also pleased to announce two key senior management appointments for Arbitrade and ArbiPay, Arbitrade’s banking system subsidiary.

先生. Larry Meyer has been appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Arbitrade. He brings a wealth of financial management experience to the company, having served in numerous positions during a decade with PepsiCo including Regional Finance Director for Pepsi Cola International where he expanded the company and restructured operations. During the decade of the 1990’s, while both companies were public, he was Chief Financial Officer at Toys R Us International where he expanded the business and he was CFO of Gymboree where he turned around the company. 從 2001 至 2012, he was Executive Vice President and CFO of Forever 21 during which time the business few from a regional chain to a global brand. He was most recently Chief Executive Officer of Unniqlo’s U.S. business. 先生. Schutzman said, “Larry’s brilliance as a strategic thinker, combined with his deal making ability and formidable international experience, makes him a perfect addition to Arbitrade’s executive leadership team.”

先生. Mohammad Markatia, already a Director of Arbitrade, has joined the company’s management team and will serve as Arbitrade’s Senior Vice President of Technology. He will also serve both as President and President of Technology at ArbiPay, Arbitrade’s payment systems subsidiary company.

In announcing these key appointments, 先生. Schutzman said,”Arbitrade and our subsidiary company, ArbiPay, are fortunate to have the services of these 5 talented executives. They add strength to a Board of Directors and senior management team that provides experience and capabilities which are unrivaled in the fast growing and dynamic cypto currency and payments industry.”


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