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アリゾナ州議会前blockchain紙幣の枚数が増えています, 公共のレコードが表示され.

アリゾナ州の代表ジェフWeningerは先週技術に焦点を当てた2つの指標を導入しました, including one that would begin laying down ar regulatory framework for initial coin offerings (ICOS) conducted in the state.

Two new bills introduced by the representative includevirtual coin,” “ブロックチェーン” そして “virtual coin offeringas new terms to be included in the Arizona government’s list of definitions, particularly as they relate to securities and crowdfunding.

とりわけ, the first bill definesvirtual coin” として “a digital representation of value that can be digitally traded and that functions as a medium of exchange, unit of account and store of value.

The bill goes on to define avirtual coin offeringas any token sale where the token is treated as a security as defined by existing Arizona law. しかしながら, tokens which are not marketed as investments and which the purchaser can utilize or redeem within 90 日々, according to the bill, would sit outside that definition.

The second bill amends the Arizona Revised Statutes to account for data that is written and stored on a blockchain. In a way, the bill bears a relation to a past Weninger bill which legally recognized blockchain signatures and smart contracts, a measure that was signed into law last year.

バックステッピング, the state government has made several steps in recent weeks to broaden the adoption of the tech within the state. Earlier this month, the State Senate completed work on a bill which would allow the government to collect taxes in bitcoin.

Arizona legislature image via Nagel Photography / シャッター

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元帳ナノS - 安全なハードウェアの財布


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