best way to invest in bitcoin 2018 strategies

Recommendations for the Best Way to Invest in Bitcoin 2018 Starting 2017

Here are the Best Ways to Buy into Bitcoin

In this post I share my recommendations for the best way to invest in bitcoin 2018 and to finish off 2017 as you mean to go on, to set yourself up for success in 2018. Obviously there is ALWAYS RISK involved in any investment and I consider my strategy of buying bitcoin in smaller vale blocks as low risk as this way I can ensure the pricing is still suitable before investing. If you aren’t involved in bitcoin or crypto currencies I highly recommend doing so.

USI Tech is an excellent example of a Bitcoin investment club as users sign up and then invest small sums of money usually just 50 Dollars or Euros is the minimum entry point. You are then purchasing a bitcoin package in mBTC terms. The actual value of the mBTC will depend on the US dollar or Euro exchange rate at the time of purchasing. USI Tech actually shows you a price and then holds that price for you for up to ten minutes which is really cool. This way you don’t risk losing money on a purchase if the exchange rate drops during the time of your purchase.

Basics For Buying And Investing In Bitcoin

The bitcoin packages when you purchase them are held in bitcoins and you can retain these and just hold them in your account, they will then increase in value over time as the rate of Bitcoin increases or decreases in line with the current price of bitcoin over time.

best way to invest in bitcoin 2018 strategies

A better option though and in my view the method that represents the best way to invest in bitcoin 2018 plus the method that I use is to reinvest your bitcoin packages that you have purchased. USI Tech makes this very easy for you to do.

This way the values that you choose are reinvested and it is these that increase in values. You can choose to reinvest it all automatically or just a selected few mBTC packages, which ever is your preference. The values you don’t invest are not at risk as they are your stake and will remain in your account at the mBTC value that you purchased it at. These will increase or decrease in value as per a standard bitcoin holding. The only value at risk if you choose to reinvest is the 140% interest return. Your stake is safe so the only risk is around the interest payout and if it will receive the full return. So investing or not is not really a great risk. The reinvestment period is set to 140 working days and the payout is 140% percent or an average of 1% per day. This is one of the best Returns on Investment or ROI that we have found for bitcoin so you will recognize why I would recommend this as the best way to invest in bitcoin 2018.

One of the best investment options for bitcoin with USI Tech is the 100 package option. This costs 5000 Euros but with this investment option as the investment calculator predicts you will start earning free bitcoins packages or mBTC after just 1 day, that is a 50 Euro value daily. This is continued throughout the 140 day life of the bitcoin investment package.

bitcoin trading profit calculator 100 pack day1 to 10

After just 14 days the amount of free mBTC earned starts to double. A 100 Euro value

bitcoin trading profit calculator 100 pack day14 to 24

After just 60 days the free mBTC is doubled daily, that is a 100 Euro value daily

bitcoin trading profit calculator 100 pack day 60

The daily return continues throughout the initial 140 days and beyond. Below is the value continuing to grow after 300 days. At this time you can see that daily it is earning 7 mBTC packages daily, 350 Euros per day return. After 300 days the investment earnings are 5.3197 bitcoin. A 748% increase without any increase in the BTC value being considered. This has to be the best way to invest in bitcoin for 2018 starting now in 2017.

bitcoin trading profit calculator 100 pack day 300

For an entry level investment recommendation to invest in Bitcoin for 2018 checkout our 20 mBTC package illustration below. This will still earn you the same ROI percentage on your initial investment as the USI tech packages are structured so you can get started at any level.

Things to Know Before Investing in Bitcoin

This ROI is achieved as the creators USI Tech have a background in Forex and they have formed USI Tech as a community of investors and are using these values and their experience to trade the cryptocurrency and bitcoin markets using their own custom designed and purpose built forex software systems. The benefit to the members of the community is that they don’t have to know anything about the Forex market, cryptocurrencies or bitcoin mining at all. The process couldn’t be simpler for members.

Best Way to Invest in Bitcoin 2018 – Simple Steps

  • Invest a minimum stake value or multiples of this to your choice
  • Wait 140 days
  • Reinvest your returns (or not as you choose)
  • Rinse and repeat

You can withdraw your funds in full or any partial values after the first 140 days investment.

Take a look at this bitcoin calculator projection of a 20 package 1000 Euro/Dollar bitcoin investment. At today’s rate the Euro is 0.00015 to BTC, so 1000 Euros would be 0.15 Bitcoin. This is a good figure for maths but remember you can scale this up to down as your investment funds allow. Just divide by 10 for 100 Euros as an easily achievable starting point or times by 10 or more for larger investments. Follow along and you can see why this is definitely what I am recommending as my best way to invest in bitcoin 2018.


bitcoin trading profit calculator 20 pack first week

As you can see the initial investment if you have set it to Rebuy as I recommend it is soon earning new bitcoin packs within the first 5 days.


bitcoin trading profit calculator 20 pack day 86

From day 86 we can see that the earning are now able to fund a package rebuy every other day.

bitcoin trading profit calculator 20 pack day 200


From day 208 we can see that the earning are now able to fund a package rebuy every single day.

bitcoin trading profit calculator 20 pack last 300 days


From day 262 we can see that the earning are now able to fund a package rebuy every single day plus a weekly double package purchase.

Basics For Buying And Investing In Bitcoin

The bitcoin trading profit calculator projection from USI Tech shows that over a period of 300 days so less than 1 year if you invested 1000 Euros today in 2018 after 300 days or just 10 months your investment of 0.15 Bitcoin purchase (1000 Euros) would have grown to 1.1094 BTC a 730% growth or at today’s dollar value 8,550 USD (7,251 Euros). Not a bad return, but wait!

This is only part of the potential fund increase. This growth is only the reinvestment growth. Added to that will also be the bitcoin growth also achieved of the fund. Obviously we cannot predict the future growth in bitcoins but if we review the historic growth conservatively over the past few years as an example. 1 BTC in 2016 was worth about 700 USD. This year has seen the most increase, as this year it has achieved an average 900% growth on the dollar value of bitcoin from last year’s average position. This could also as an analysts predict continue this upward trend. So to wrap this up conservatively if we predicted only a 200% growth next year your 300 day bitcoin investment could see an increase from not just 730% but 1400% percent. This would then translate as an investment from 0.15 Bitcoins today to 2.2188 or 17,100 USD (14,502 Euros). How about that for a return would you agree this is the best way to invest in bitcoin 2018?

So You Want to Invest in Bitcoin: Here’s What You Should Know

Many people do not realise but if you had invested 100 dollars just 4 years ago, June 2013 it would in June 2017 be worth over 5,000 USD.

Many people felt bitcoin was a fad and sat on the fence or were unable to resolve how to invest in bitcoins. But the ones that struck out early are now reaping the rewards. Investors are predicting bitcoin will hit 200,000 US dollars per bitcoin from its current average this month of 7,000 US dollars. 2017 has seen the biggest growth in Bitcoin as it hit 1,000 USD mark at the beginning of this year.

If you are not yet investing in cryptocurrencies and bitcoin you can see why it is gaining popularity and hopefully answers your should I invest in bitcoins query. Please also remember to only invest what you are comfortable with as investments can go up as well down but if you would like to get started for 2018 and follow my Bitcoin journey yourself you can sign up with USI Tech here.

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