Bitcoin News Roundup til september. 9, 2020

USI Tech nemmeste passiv Bitcoin investering

Med bitcoin svæver lige over $10,000 and a tokenized form of Ethereum transaction fees in the crosshairs, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily is back for your latest crypto news roundup!

Bitcoin is now more closely tied to safe haven gold than ever.

More than 30% of new customers at bitFlyer, a major Japanese crypto exchange, are in their 20s, the exchange said.

eToro’s GoodDollar initiative will provide a universal basic income for some of the world’s poorest by incentivizing people to yield farm on its platform.

As Ethereum fees soar, a proposal to nix “gas tokens,” which let users prepay fees when they’re cheap and spend them later, is getting renewed attention.

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USI Tech forvandle dit liv med den nemmeste & mest passiv Bitcoin investering

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