Bitcoin जल्द ही सबसे पहले में 'बुल क्रॉस' अगस्त के बाद से देखें विल 2018

यूएसआई टेक सबसे आसान निष्क्रिय Bitcoin निवेश


  • Bitcoin’s 50-day moving price average could soon move above the 100-day moving average, confirming its first bullish crossover in seven months.
  • While the bullish crossover is a lagging indicator, the current slope of the MAs is signaling bearish exhaustion. इसलिए, bitcoin could rise toward $4,236 (दिसम्बर. 24 उच्च) in the near future, जैसा suggested by other longer duration indicators and the bullish candle created on Feb. 27.
  • The bullish case would weaken if prices find acceptance below $3,658 (फ़रवरी. 27 कम).

A widely-followed bitcoin (बीटीसी) price indicator is about to turn bullish for the first time in seven months.

Bitcoin’s 50-day moving average (एमए) – currently located at $3,669, according to Bitstamp data – could soon move above the 100-day MA at $3,670. The event would confirm the average’s first bullish crossover since the end of August 2018.

तथापि, the bull cross is a lagging indicator, being based on past data, and in this instance is likely more a product of bitcoin’s recovery rally from lows near $3,100 seen in December.

ने कहा कि, with several key indicators, like the weekly moving average convergence divergence (MACD) and the money flow index flashing early signs of bullish reversal, the probability of the cross trapping the bulls on the wrong side of the market seems low.

लेखन के रूप में, बीटीसी में हाथों से बदल रहा है $3,860, having clocked a low of $3,791 earlier today.

डेली चार्ट

As seen above, the 50-day MA is taking an upward turn and is about to cross the 100-day MA from below.

आगे की, BTC’s repeated defense of the 100-day MA over the last 12 days has strengthened the bullish case put forward by the long-tailed doji candle created on Feb. 27.

नतीजतन, BTC could soon rise toward the inverse head-and-shoulders neckline resistance, currently located just below the bearish lower high का $4,236 printed on Dec. 24.

A UTC close higher would confirm a bearish-to-bullish trend change and could yield a rally to $5,000.

साप्ताहिक चार्ट

On the weekly chart, the 5- and 10-candle MAs produced a bullish crossover two weeks ago. BTC also defended the 10-candle MA in the previous two weeks, reinforcing the bullish reversal signaled by the MA studies.

In the near-term, BTC looks likely to challenge the recent high of $4,190.

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