Bitcoin’s Price Fades Rally Above $9,000

यूएसआई टेक सबसे आसान निष्क्रिय Bitcoin निवेश

Bitcoin’s price peaked above $9,000 for the first time in over a year earlier today, but the rally was short lived as its price returned below $8,600 just minutes later.

पर 16:00 यु.टी. सी, the world’s largest cryptocurrency jumped 4.6 percent from today’s UTC opening price of $8,681 and climbed as high as $9,084 – its highest price since May 10, 2018, इसके अनुसार CoinDesk pricing data.

तथापि, sellers quickly halted the rally, causing the price of bitcoin to drop more than $500 सेवा मेरे $8,548 in just 30 minutes after reaching today’s high.

In all, Messari data reveals $26.3 billion in reported bitcoin volume has traded hands so far today.

The broader cryptocurrency market also felt the pull of gravity shortly after climbing to a 10-month high of $285.8 billion in total capitalization.

Highly ranked cryptocurrencies such as tron (TRX), Litecoin (एलटीसी), and EOS (EOS) are all reporting losses greater than 3 percent after initially being a few percent in the green before the market wide dip.

ने कहा कि, some cryptocurrencies are still reporting 24-hour growth. The prices for dogecoin (DOGE) and BitcoinSV (BSV) – both top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap – are still up more than 5 दिन पर प्रतिशत.

इससे ज्यादा और क्या, today’s pullback has hardly put a dent in an impressive performance from crypto bulls this month, with bitcoin still reporting month-to-date gains of roughly 63 percent at the time of writing.

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