Hyperledger بريان بيليندورف يقول إمكانية Blockchain هو "ضرب كف عفريت"

ديسمبر الماضي, وقال المدير التنفيذي Hyperledger بريان بيليندورف 2019 was a year of “careful, prosaic BUIDLING.” Now, in an interview with CoinDesk’s Michael Casey in Davos, سويسرا, Behlendorf says a lot of what the blockchain ecosystem was building is getting

بيتكوين الأسعار في $ 10.2K الجمود كما الأثير تواصل مفاجأة بول رن

Article Originally Featured in Coin Telegraph Table of Contents MARKET UPDATE Bitcoin (BTC) stayed flat on Sept. 17 as another day of motionless trading continued the largest cryptocurrency’s stay at around $10,200. Market visualization. مصدر: Coin360 Bitcoin price slowly erodes support above $10K

مليار دولار بقيمة بيتكوين المنقولة في عملية واحدة

A billion dollars worth of Bitcoin moved in single transaction Last week, according to Vice News who originally broke the story- an unknown person or group transferred 94,505 bitcoins valued at over $1 billion USD in a single transaction. الآن,…

PREDICTIONS EXPERT & توقعات أسعار FOR بيتكوين وETHEREUM 2019-2020

تنبؤات عملة معماة والاتجاهات FOR 2019-2020 The rush around the cryptocurrency market has passed, the bubble has burst and prices have reached a logical level for the development of this industry. But interest in digital money is growing. Against the