ये Bitcoin उपयोगकर्ताओं चाहते हैं DAI और Defi - यहाँ कैसे वे इसे पाने के लिए योजना है

Summa co-founder James Prestwich wants to bridge the great divide: bitcoin vs. ethereum. Now his firm is teaming up with fellow blockchain startup Keep to launch the Cross-Chain Working Group, which aims to create a protocol for using bitcoin on

Bitcoin एक महीने में सबसे बुरे डेली घटाने में $ 10K के लिए गिरावट

The cryptocurrency markets were flashing red again on Thursday after bitcoin (बीटीसी), the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, fell by more than $900 में 24 घंटे. On August 14, beginning at 12:00 यु.टी. सी, BTC began to fall sharply from

ब्रोंक्स के लिए घाना से, किशोर Bitcoiners बिल्डिंग भविष्य मिलो

Jemima Joseph, 18, is working a summer job as a social media manager for a crypto startup after graduating from high school in the Bronx. And she learned how to make her first cryptocurrency transaction, a purchase using zcash, साथ में…

फेड के अध्यक्ष जेरोम पावेल सोने के लिए Bitcoin की तुलना

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said he can envision a return to an era where multiple currencies are in use in the United States. During Powell’s testimony before the Senate Banking Committee on Facebook’s planned Libra cryptocurrency, उसने कहा: “The size

Coinbase आउटेज के साथ मारो Bitcoin मूल्य के रूप में में $ 1.8K गिरावट 15 मिनट

Crypto exchange Coinbase experienced a brief outage Wednesday afternoon, with both its website and API rendered temporarily inaccessible, as the price of bitcoin dropped more than $1,700 in the span of 15 मिनट. According to Coinbase’s status page, the exchange

Bitcoiners बैठक ऑनलाइन जब वे एक ही शहर में रहते हैं

MarkMurchErhardt tells CoinDesk about the weirdest, most surprising interaction he ever had in his years of running the Bitcoin Stack Exchange. Turns out the crypto world *is* that small! Subscribe to CoinDesk on YouTube: एचटीटीपी://www.youtube.com/subscription_cSite: https://www.coindesk.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoinDeskTwitter:…

कहाँ Bitcoin के डेवलपर समुदाय के उभरते सितारे का पता लगाएं करने के लिए

Thirteen coders and academics gathered this week at Chaincode Labs in New York City for the bitcoin protocol residency program, in what organizers say is the most intensive and diverse cohort to date. It would be hard to overstate how