Sparkswap Raises $3.5 Million From Initialized, Pantera for Lightning-Powered DEX

अद्यतन करें (अप्रैल 8, 13:40 यु.टी. सी): The funding round was led by Initialized Capital, not Pantera Capital. The headline has been updated. A San Francisco-based decentralized exchange (DEX) called Sparkswap launched Monday, becoming the first North American exchange to fully integrate

The Easiest Way to Send and Lose Bitcoin in 2012

Dan Gallancy tells the story of the Bitcoin that he sent to friends, but never quite got there. Subscribe to CoinDesk on YouTube: एचटीटीपी:// https://www.coindesk.comFacebook: (Markets): CoinDesk is the leading digital media, events and

मजबूत Bitcoin खंड बोडे खैर के लिए मूल्य ब्रेकआउट

देखें Bitcoin के दैनिक ट्रेडिंग वॉल्यूम ऊपर उतार पर ऊंचा रहता है $10 एक अरब, going against the technical theory that investor interest tends to drop during periods of consolidation. Therefore, the ongoing sideways trading near $3,900 may end with a bull breakout

Bitcoin मूल्य कुंजी मेक-या-तोड़ ट्रेडिंग रेंज में फंस

View Bitcoin is trapped in a trading range defined by the 200-week simple moving average and the 200- week exponential moving average, currently at $3,404 तथा $4,106, respectively. Therefore, the outlook as per the weekly chart is neutral. A weekly

Bitcoin जल्द ही सबसे पहले में 'बुल क्रॉस' अगस्त के बाद से देखें विल 2018

View Bitcoin’s 50-day moving price average could soon move above the 100-day moving average, confirming its first bullish crossover in seven months. While the bullish crossover is a lagging indicator, the current slope of the MAs is signaling bearish exhaustion.

एक Bitcoin बुल मार्केट अभी भी है $350 दूर

देखें Bitcoin के पास एक उच्च कम की स्थापना की है $3,300 in the last two months, signaling bearish exhaustion. तथापि, a break above the Christmas Day lower high of $4,236 is needed to confirm a bearish to bullish trend change. Bitcoin (बीटीसी)…

Bitcoin पास करने के लिए मूल्य बाधा लेकिन बुल आउटलुक अक्षुण्ण संघर्ष

View Bitcoin’s short-term outlook remains bullish while prices are held above $3,658 (the low of the long-tailed doji created on Feb. 27). A break above $4,000, तथापि, could be preceded by a pullback to $3,750 if another rejection at a