Доход от биткойнов в Cash Square App впервые в первом квартале превысил доходы Fiat

Bitcoin has flippened USD on Square’s Cash App, sort of. As reported in the publicly traded fintech company’s first-quarter earnings Wednesday, Cash App brought in $222 million on all its other fiat-powered services in Q1. между тем, revenue from bitcoin was

Crypto Long & короткий: Почему большое ралли Биткойн является признаком его экономической устойчивости

Economic growth figures are starting to trickle in, а также, as expected, they’re bad. Really bad. This past week the U.S. reported Q1 GDP growth as -4.8%. Italy’s GDP fell -4.5%, Spain came in at -5.2%, and France trumped that with a whopping -5.8%.  And that’s just warming up