HSBC, SGX по расследованию, если DLT предложения Эффективности подталкивания для рынков облигаций

Может цифровизации связи с распределенной технологии лицевом (DLT) bring benefits to market participants? That’s a question being asked by HSBC Singapore in a new trial being developed in partnership with Singapore Exchange (SGX) and investment firm Temasek. The effort will examine the

Ant Financial Алибэбы Запуск Pre-Launch Тестирование Консорциума Blockchain

Ant Financial, FinTech рука китайских технологий гигант Alibaba Group, has launched the testing stage for its consortium blockchain. Speaking at the World Blockchain Summit at Wuzhen, China, Jieli Li, senior director of technology and business innovation at Ant

США Национальная Безопаность Отводы Канадская Blockchain фирма по импорту нефти Track

Соединенные штаты. Департамент внутренней безопасности (DHS) is contracting Canadian enterprise blockchain firm Mavennet to build a cross-border oil tracking platform. Coming through DHS’s Science and Technology Directorate, and with initial funding from its Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP), the

Tencent построить виртуальный банк После того, как Hong Kong Регулятор одобрил лицензию

Chinese internet giant Tencent is set to open a blockchain-based virtual bank after the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) approved a new license. Speaking at the World Blockchain Summit in Wuzhen, China on FridayTencent blockchain chief Yige Cai

Tether Говорит Его Stablecoin Is «полностью обеспеченный» Снова

USDT лексемы теперь полностью поддерживается запасами Tether в, the stablecoin issuer said Thursday. Tether published a response to what it described as “a flawed paper” written by John Griffin, a professor of finance at the University of Texas at

Глобальный Crypto Framework, необходимые для регулирования арбитража Stop»,»Watchdog Предупреждает

Hong Kong’s chief securities regulator says world regulators needs a united response to Facebook’s Libra to tackle the “real risk of regulatory arbitrage.” In remarks delivered Wednesday at Hong Kong Fintech week, Ashley Alder, chief executive officer of the Hong