CFTC的吉安卡洛: 美国和外国监管机构联手对加密

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中美. 监管者与他们的同行在海外工作,以打击欺诈cryptocurrency, 商品期货交易委员会 (CFTC) 董事长Ĵ. 克里斯托弗·吉安卡洛周三表示.

期间,中美说起. 在他的机构即将代表预算委员会的听证会众议院, Giancarlo said he has spoken about the issue with the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), as well as regulators in Europe, 根据 福布斯.

The collaboration has seen the CFTC working with domestic agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as officials in the Treasury Department, which earlier this year detailed the work being done by a group focused on enforcement issues.

Giancarlo’s reported comments are notable, given the proactive approaches that have been taken by these agencies, with the CFTC itself scoring a win this week when a U.S. district judge ruled that cryptocurrencies are commodities 星期二 – all but confirming the position it staked out back in 2015.

The hearing notably featured a critique by Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) on the attention paid by the CFTC to cryptocurrency issues, which she argued weakens other, more developed markets. Giancarlo responded that would-be investors, particularly young ones, face risks that warrant attention.

Image via CFTC/YouTube

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莱杰纳米小号 - 安全硬件钱包


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