Moenie misloop Free Coins! LockTrip vir $500,000 Airdrop, DIG Houers massiewe bonus!

Usi Tech maklikste passiewe Bitcoin belegging

Article Originally Featured in Bitcoinist

There is no better feeling than seeing crypto you bought for nominal fees turn into thousands overnight. goed, actually there is! Only one mind you – that is seeing cryptos you bought for a whopping sum of $0 turn into thousands.

And with LockTrip’s huge airdrop just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for exactly that to happen. The decentralized hotel and property rental platform is giving away $10 of LOC coins for free for every single registered user. If that not enough to get you excited, the referral program should be.



For each and every person you refer you will also receive an additional $5 worth of LOC – and there is no limit to how many friends and family you can refer. So if you refer 20 people that’s $100 of LOC and if you get 200 that a $1000.




With many analysts highly confident that the crypto market will reach over $1 trillion by the end of the year, LockTrip is likely to grow exponentially in value.

Last year coins like verge and ripple increased by thousands of percents in just a matter of months. After its recent successful rebrand, there is no denying that LockTrip set to soar. While we won’t know exactly by how much, it is certainly a good bet to be one of the top gainers through the year.

Optimism around the project is based on the fact that the idea underlying it is intuitive. More than that given the projects robust architecture and hugely experienced team make it a stand-out coin. And of course, you can’t forget the fact that it already has a working platform.


Die LockTrip airdrop is a pretty simple process that will take only 3-5 minutes to be completed. Every user who successfully completes the form will receive $10 worth of tokens.

Daarbenewens, LockTrip is engaging in one of the biggest – if not the biggest – referral programmes in the industry. Each person you refer will earn you an addition $5 worth of LOC. To refer friends and family and earn $5 per referral all you need to do is send them a unique referral link that is generated automatically when you sign up for the airdrop.

The distribution itself is planned to take place in the 15th July 2018–30th July 2018 and will be subjected to careful anti-fraud analysis.


The LockTrip team have tailor-made an advanced interface for the airdrop, including a robust back-end for fraud prevention, consisting of 3 parts:

stap 1: Watch a short tailor-made 60-second video about airdrop and the unique LockTrip project in general

stap 2: During this step users will be promoted to join the LockTrip Telegram and Twitter, as well as re-tweeting a carefully crafted article about LockTrip and following the projects Facebook page.

stap 3: Quick Survey consisting of 3 short questions. The aim of this is for the team to learn more about the unique selling point of the project and understand how LOC trip can benefit users even more in the near future.

stap 4: Once users successfully complete the first 3 stages, they will be automatically forwarded to their Airdrop dashboard embedded into the LockTrip marketplace. Here they will be able to monitor their balance along with accessing their unique referral link to give to friends and family.

To learn more visit their website join their Telegram.

A Second Massive Airdrop Is Scheduled For Next Week! (JY)



Arbitrade/Cryptobontix to reward DIG holders Via Airdrop Doubling Holders Tokens Overnight

We wanted to thank the community for their support in seeing us through our growing pains, so we plan on hosting an airdrop of an exclusive new “bonus token” on the official word and release of the long-awaited news for these projects.

The token name has yet to be revealed and, for the purposes of this update, we will simply refer to them as “bonus tokens.”

This idea was generated by the community on Telegram that shares their thoughts with our social media managers whom, by the way, are not a part of the company, but supporters themselves that we allow to operate our official community as social managers.



The “bonus token” will have the same structure as the others that are backed by mining with a commencing number of 350 rigs. They will be online and operational by the announcement date if all goes as planned.

The “bonus” token will be listed on a few exchanges and will be the first truly decentralized token in the crypto space as we are only issuing the exact number of tokens being held by DIG holders outside of the company and its partners. What this means is that anyone holding DIG will be airdropped the new tokens for free as a bonus!



This token will not be managed or controlled by anyone within our company after the issuance. Om die airdrop aanvaar, jy sal hê om jou DIG tekens skuif na 'n nie-ruil beursie, which means we will make 100% sure that the situation at C-CEX is resolved for those token holders prior to doing this.

A third party such as Coin Miner will be retained to manage the token’s mining efforts and they will be paid from 25% of the daily mined proceeds. The mining rigs will also be hosted by a third-party data center in order to keep these rigs and this token truly decentralized. We are down to five potential third-party candidates that can assist in this effort for mining management and hosting. Negotiations are ongoing and a decision will be announced by week’s end.

50% of the daily mining efforts will go into the support of the tokens on the exchanges daily. A Board of Directors will be selected from the token holders to be temporarily appointed by our management staff to manage the future and growth of the token so that no one organized entity controls these. This will make these tokens the very first self-monitored and truly decentralized token in the world.

This will be a temporary action, as the future of the token will be based on votes by the community of token holders. Each person will have one vote for every token held. We will write smart contract by-laws protecting all token holders so that majority vote owners can’t vote in a negative action against the rest of the community of token holders. There will be advantages to holding more of the “bonus token” towards voting rights, but that will all be revealed in the coming days.

This is somewhat similar to the ECHO model with additional twists. The mining will support the token and the growth will be based off of 25% of the daily mining efforts going in to buy more machines. This will create an exponential growth token with no end in sight. The mining will essentially create the liquidity for the token and will be managed by the elected board. Arbitrade management considers it a thank you gift from us to you for helping us through our growing pains.

The announcement of this new “bonus token” and the airdrop will be soon, and you will have limited time to take action.

Anyone that has not moved their DIG tokens to a private wallet and chooses to keep them on an exchange during the period of the airdrop will miss out on the opportunity to acquire the “bonus tokens.” The reason for this is that if DIG is still on an exchange at the time of the airdrop, the exchange will actually receive the “bonus tokens” themselves and likely keep them or the “bonus tokens” will be otherwise permanently lost.

The company will not be held responsible for the loss of tokens resulting from failure to follow instructions, as there is a finite amount of tokens for the airdrop.

We expect these tokens to take a great leap of value year over year and will truly be a first of their kind.

Major Points to Remember About the New “Bonus Token” Drop!

  1. To receive the “bonus tokens,” DIG cannot be held on an exchange during the airdrop.
  2. DIG holders will receive the “bonus tokens” for free on a 1:1 basis.
  3. The number of “bonus tokens” issued will be the exact number of tokens not being held by company insiders and partners.
  4. Those numbers will be grabbed from etherscan next Friday morning and only DIG holders at the time the information is grabbed will receive the free “bonus tokens.” You MUST hold your DIG in the off exchange wallet until the new token has been delivered, which may take up to one week to fully complete.
  5. Die "bonus teken" sal gelys word op 'n minimum van twee beurse aan moontlik vyf.
  6. Liquidity is generated by mining starting with 350 rigs and growing monthly.
  7. The company will not support nor make up for anyone that didn’t listen to these instructions.
  8. Versoenbaar Derde-party beursies:
  • Exodus Wallet
  • MyEtherWallet (MEW)
  • Trezor Hard Wallet
  • Grootboek Hard Wallet
  • brood Wallet
  • miselium Wallet
  1. DIG tekens kan weer op die uitruil oorgedra word, sodra die airdrop voltooi.

Doen jou due diligence en wees gereed. We are literally doubling your holdings at no cost so now you will own two different tokens.

More information regarding the “bonus token” airdrop to follow.

On a final note –

The FUDsters in the Telegram group, for lack of a better term, must have nothing better to do than to spread FUD to try and undermine the company’s progression and developments. No matter what is said in social media, unless it is said through one of the company’s only endorsed social media channels by one of the company’s endorsed third-party social media managers, don’t believe it. We are the first ones to share when things are good or bad in nature, and everything else is simply speculation created by people trying to manipulate the token value for their own selfish reasons. The company does not support these types of actions and will deal with them swiftly and appropriately when necessary.

Those social media channels are only two, Twitter and Telegram. Here are the official links:

Telegram: (community group)

Telegram: (news channel)

Twitter :

All other links are not supported or a part of the Arbitrade projects and acquisitions and should not be regarded as such.

We apologize for the delays, but we are following the guidance of governments and attorneys to make all the correct decisions on behalf of the DIG, Arbitrade/Cryptobontix communities.


Arbitrade Management

#1 BetChain


BetChain is 'n indrukwekkende casino en een van die pioniers in die Bitcoin toneel. Aangesien dit ingestel, die casino het sterk gefokus op die diens van die Bitcoin gemeenskap. Net die afgelope tyd die casino is oop tot sy deure vir tradisionele geldeenhede, maar sy identiteit bly sterk bepaal deur Bitcoin. Betchain is ook weer die launch van sy hele VIP program en verfyn sy kliëntediens verder tot 'n ongekende spel ervaring aan al sy kliënte te bied

BetChainSe fokus op diens, tesame met 'n unieke bonus aanbiedings, maak dit een van die mees suksesvolle Bitcoin casino. BetChain voorsiening maak vir kliënte afkomstig uit verskillende streke van die wêreld. Dit beteken dat afgesien van Engels, sy bladsy is ook beskikbaar in Duits, Spaans, Russiese, Italiaanse, Portugees, turkish, Griekse, Nederlandse en Sweedse. BetChain bied ook live chat, 24 uur kliënt ondersteuning, en weerlig vinnige onttrekkings.

bewysbaar Fair: BetChain beklemtoon bewysbaar regverdigheid, sodat gamers (en die casino) om te bevestig al weddenskap uitkomste te verseker dat hulle korrek en regverdig was.

  • Veilige: BetChain beweer dat hy die jongste in enkripsie en veilige bedieners gebruik om te verseker dat geld kliënte se is altyd veilig.
  • 24/7 ondersteuning: Kontak BetChain enige tyd, dag of nag, by of deur die BetChain ondersteuning vorm.Sluit nou aan

#2 - Bitstarz


Die gewildste Bitcoin casino uit. Die casino is bewysbaar billike en gereguleer word deur die Curacao regering. Dit bied om 1,000 hoë gehalte speel, maar dit bied nie 'n bookmaker funksie (waar jy kan wed op gewilde sportbyeenkomste). Bitstarz aanvaar ook verskeie geldeenhede en is nie net beperk tot cryptos.

Deposito's kan gemaak word via Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Kontant en verskeie ander metodes maak dit hoogs toeganklik vir die hele wêreld gebruikers, selfs diegene wat nie self Bitcoin. Ondersteuning is beskikbaar deur middel van sosiale media, online chat en e-pos. Dit is ook waarskynlik die mees aanloklik casino daar buite in terme van ontwerp.

Wat werklik gevang ons oog oor Bitstarz is die feit dat hulle reageer op klagtes van gebruikers selfs via Reddit, wat toon hulle omgee vir hul kliënte ervaring en is bereid om te stap tot wanneer dit nodig is.

aansluit Bitstarz

#3 Mbit


Mbit is nog 'n groot VS. vriendelike Bitcoin casino merk dat 'n ster reputasie vir kwaliteit sagteware en uitstekende diens het verdien omdat hulle gestig in 2014 . Dit is gebaseer in Curacao en is ten volle gereguleer word deur die spel kommissie daar.

  • Al die wedstryde by Mbit is onafhanklik getoets en geverifieer vir regverdigheid deur RNG.
  • Mbit is nou die tuiste van meer 1,000 verskillende speletjies en nuwes word weekliks bygevoeg.
  • Live handelaar blackjack, sitplek, baccarat, roulette en meer beskikbaar vir BTC of Euro.
  • Deposito onmiddellik en gratis. Teken-up 'n paar sekondes en vereis slegs 'n e-pos.
  • Mbit Casino is ten volle funksioneel op enige Android, iPad, iPhone of Windows Phone.
  • Verenigde State van Amerika spelers is welkom. Werf in beide Engels en Russies.
  • Mbit het 'n uitsonderlike VIP program en 'n 110% 1st deposito bonus aan 1 BTC .

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