Ex-Trump rådgiver Steve Bannon gør en Cryptocurrency

Ex-Trump rådgiver Steve Bannon gør en Cryptocurrency

Steve Bannon, tidligere chef strateg til US. Præsident Donald Trump, confirmed Wednesday that he wants to launch a cryptocurrency of its own.

Tale til CNBC on Wednesday, the Breitbart co-founder saidthey’re the future,” adding thatwe’re working on some tokens now, forsyningsselskaber tokens, potentially, for the populist movement on a worldwide basis.

Bannon first hinted at the idea in June, though at the time he was hesitant about revealing too much about his cryptocurrency plans, ifølge New York Times.

He did contemplate naming his token thedeplorables coin” på tidspunktet, referencing a term used by former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to describe Trump’s supporters during the 2016 presidential campaign.

On Wednesday, Bannon spoke about the cryptocurrency space more broadly as well, ordsprog “I think these cryptocurrencies have a huge aspect in the future. Naturligvis, there’s problems in the markets, problems about what it’s used for.

Når det er sagt, he said most ICOs have been disasters. Som sådan, Bannon insisted the product he and his team are currently working onhave to be quality.

Bannon also commented on a few other cryptocurrencies in the markets already, ordsprog, “I like bitcoin. I own bitcoin,” but saying he does not own any ethers.

Steve Bannon image from CNBC

Lederen i blockchain nyheder, CoinDesk er en medie, der stræber efter de højeste journalistiske standarder og overholder en streng sæt redaktionelle politikker. CoinDesk er en uafhængig drift datterselskab af Digital Valuta Group, der investerer i cryptocurrencies og blockchain opstarter.


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