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Forbes 10 Год Bitcoin Предсказания – Каждый Bitcoin может быть стоит $619,047

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The general consensus among the investment community about bitcoin predictions is that the price is in a mammoth bubble territory and it would crash. В конце концов, we have witnessed a number of crashes in the equity market since its birth. The NASDAQ, the blue-chip index, experienced a massive crash on the back of the tech bubble when it fell by 78% in the 30 months ending 2002.
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The market has not only recovered from that level in the preceding years but it has made record highs, and to date, it is up nearly 26%. Just to put things in perspective, the NASDAQ index is up 486% from its tech crash low
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For illustrative purpose, there is more global audience force of attraction behind Bitcoin as compared to the largest stock market in the world, НАС.

There is a limited supply and the currency simply cannot be counterfeited. It is more than perfect for the new technological world. Consumers are shopping more on the internet and Bitcoin is competing with other currencies in this space. Given its massive popularity and availability across all continents, internet entrepreneurs are launching more products focused specifically on these markets.

Со временем, we are going to get more products such as futures, ETF, options due to high demand and that would make the bitcoin predictions of price more stable.

Important Events To Look Out

For this month, we are up nearly 64% and the race towards the 5000 mark is on. Potentially there are two important events for bitcoin predictions that you want to keep a close eye on. Firstly, on the 22nd of August SegWit, the technological innovation would be put to test to carry out the first real world Bitcoin SegWit transaction. If all goes according to the plan, it would spur more confidence and it is more likely to attract new capital. On November 22, it will be nearly three months that SegWit will be activated and the New York Agreement road map has planned a Bitcoin hard fork which would result in double the block size.

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