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As we like to do each month, we have added our picks for the month of June that we feel could be due for huge gains. Rappelles toi, cryptocurrency investing isn’t for the risk averse. This article is not recommending that you go out and blindly buy all of these tokens, but rather to use this list as a starting point in doing your own research. Always do your homework before buying into anything.

Et la technologie blockchain crypto-monnaie sont devenus très populaires auprès des investisseurs individuels et institutionnels à travers le monde. Beaucoup ont été penchent plus vers l'investissement dans des fonds de couverture liés à l'industrie de la place des crypto-monnaie cryptocurrencies individuels.

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Shut Up Already Take Me To The Moon! Top Picks June 2018



#9 cardano (ADA) Up 126.6% Since April 4th



cardano; Short Term Gains and Long-Term Potential

Cardano is one of our Top 5 Picks for 2018 and should be (selon nous) a staple in any crypto portfolio. As the bull market is back in place, we could see Cardano (currently trading at

A strong governance system is only one of Cardano’s benefits. They are also ready, willing and able to comply with new government regulations through their soft fork ability. The addition of the control layer protocol will make them into a viable Ethereum alternative. As they roll out the platform upon which decentralized applications can be created, their market share will increase. While Cardano’s ADA token has stagnated in price since December, it is primed to rise – and effectively available at a discount.

En même temps, Cardano is a long-term project that has plans to truly use their infinite scalability. As technology increases, so too can the blockchain. They will switch out modules and implement soft forks to keep the platform relevant and performing at a high level. The staying power that this produces should keep Cardano in the top 10, and their control layer will help them seize more of the emerging cryptocurrency market.

#8 Deep Brain Chain (DBC) Up 187.28% Since April 4th



Deep Brain Chain (DBC) Out of all the undervalued cryptocurrencies listed here, this one is the most likely to be big if you’re reading this article a few months from this being published. DBC is a smart contract token based on NEO that’s already listed on KuCoin and soon to be listed on Houbi, a popular Korean exchange. It solves a huge problem in the artificial intelligence space, the training of new computers, and that’s one of the reasons DBC could be so valuable.What DBC does is create a blockchain based neural network training platform that connects computers across the world. It’s essentially a distributed AI creation network that may or may not be used in the next Skynet.

  • Invested in by NEO
  • First mover in the artificial intelligence space in cryptocurrencies.
  • Team of top scientists and a whitepaper that actually makes sense.
  • Constantly shilled on reddit and /biz/

    Where to buy DBC: Kucoin

#7 DragonChain (DRGN) Up 93% Since April 4th



The US based company, Dragon Chain has been gaining quite a bit of attention from both newcomers and veteran crypto investors. Dragon Chainoffers blockchain as-a-service, which allows businesses to implement blockchain technology to secure their databases and execute smart contracts – all without any technical expertise. All business data is retained by the owning company and with a server-less scalable platform, any further development can be done with ease.

In addition to real world use case, Dragon Chain also serves as a platform for exclusive ICOs that can only be participated in by holding the DRGN token. The ICO function of Dragon Chain is projected to be a crucial element as over 200 projects are planned to launch an initial coin offering exclusively through Dragon Chain. To make things better, any upcoming Dragon Chain ICO will accept United States investors and only one KYC (know your customer) is required.

To bring this all together, an incredibly talented team was formed that consists of some very accomplished individuals. The list of team accreditations is too long to include in this article but a noteworthy detail to note, is that the founder of Dragon Chain, Joe Roets – has 20 years experience in software architecture and has been involved with companies such as Overstock, Coinbase, and Walt Disney. Being a United States based company with infrastructure that is completely scalable, an incentivized HODL program, and exclusive ICOs being launched on the platform – Dragon Chain is gearing up to be a promising project.

With launch of the AWS server-less platform right at the end of March, we feel that when the market turns, DRGN is going to fly (or will it rise?)

Usually announcements like this are already priced in, but with the market in its current state, people don’t seem to have jumped on the Dragon’s back with quite as much enthusiasm as they may over the next few weeks.

Dragon is perhaps one of the best long-term hold of these picks as well, so now might be one of the best entry-points you’ll ever get.

#6 kyber réseau (KNC) Up 173% Since April 4



Ceci est tout simplement un cas d'un projet de qualité gravement sous-évalué.

kyber réseau (KNC) est un échange décentralisé repose sur un système de réserves. Le projet, qui a tenu son ICO à la fin 2017, est l'un des deux projets et officiellement informés soutenus par Vitalik Buterin (Buterin a annoncé son soutien et délibéré publiquement Kyber Réseau et OmiseGo).

modèle d'échange décentralisé de kyber est différent de tout ce que nous avons vu auparavant, car il fournit la liquidité est assurée en tout temps.

En son coeur, Kyber est également déflationniste. The reserves must hold and spend KNC to execute these transactions, and a portion of the spent KNC is burned following every trade. As users and reserves increase on the Kyber Network, so will the demand for KNC. toutefois, the supply of KNC will simultaneously decrease. High demand plus low supply equals positive price action.

If you look across the market, you can see how exchange tokens have been bullish over the past few months. Tokens such as BNB, ZRX, KCS, and KMD have all found their way into the top 50 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap. toutefois, Kyber is currently sitting in the 70s, and it seems to have stabilized in that range. Based on the success of the other utility tokens in its field, KNC seems to be extremely undervalueD.

#5 Icon (ICX)



ICON team has released an official wallet, ICONex. It is still only a desktop version, introduced by Chrome extension, but it will be expanded to mobile Android & iOS in the near future. According to the official announcement, ICONex supports not only native ICX coins of ICON Mainnet, but also ETH and ethereum-based ERC20 tokens.

Currently there are only ethereum-based ERC20 ICX tokens in circulation, distributed to ICON ICO participants at the end of 2017 as a temporary substitution for native ICX coins. Once ICON Mainnet is launched officially, there will be a swap of ERC20 ICX tokens to native ICX coins. ICON Mainnet, functioning now in a test mode, was launched in January 2018.

The official launch will be announced soon (presumably in March-April, 2018), as well as information about the swap of ERC20 ICX tokens to native ICX coins. After several months after publish numerous announcements about the token swap, the ERC20 ICX tokens will be burned. ICON is at an absolute value down at these levels.

en outre, Pantera Capital Management, one of the first and largest crypto hedge funds announced last week that ICON (ICX) is their largest bet for the upcoming year, a pick that they are so confident in that their portfolio holds a larger % of ICON than Bitcoin. Now that’s a vote of confidence.

Where To Buy ICX: Binance ou Kucoin

#4 Pain (BRD) **New Recommendation**



Le pain Token (BRD) offre des rabais et des services supplémentaires lors de l'utilisation de la populaire application de porte-monnaie du pain. Le pain est le premier porte-monnaie pour fournir une crypto-monnaie de fidélité et récompenses des clients programme. Sur le marché du portefeuille de la concurrence crypto-monnaie, Le pain a acquis plus 650,000 clients dans plus de 150 des pays. L'étape suivante est Incentivizing les gens à rester à l'intérieur de l'écosystème du pain.

Porte-monnaie pain



Le porte-monnaie Le pain est un iOS gratuit ou télécharger Android et facile à mettre en place. Il n'y a aucune inscription ou renseignements personnels recueillis au cours du processus d'installation. Lors de téléchargement de l'application, vous pouvez importer un porte-monnaie Bitcoin ou créer un nouveau. Si vous créez un nouveau portefeuille, vous sera fourni avec une clé de papier, «une liste de 12 mots qui peut être utilisé pour rétablir l'accès à votre porte-monnaie si vous perdez ou mettre à jour votre téléphone « .

Si vous décidez d'utiliser plus tard un porte-monnaie différente, la 12 mots peuvent être utilisés pour générer votre clé privée et vous serez toujours en mesure de récupérer vos Bitcoins. Les clés ne sont accessibles à partir de votre appareil afin que vous ne serez pas à vous soucier de pain se piraté.

L'interface utilisateur simple a des options pour envoyer et recevoir des Bitcoins. Dans l'option de menu, pour certains pays, il y a la possibilité d'acheter Bitcoin directement à partir de l'application Pain.

Le but ultime du pain est de construire un banque décentralisée. Tout comme AirBnB ne possède pas d'hôtels et Uber ne possède pas de voitures, Le pain ne tient pas réellement de votre argent. Ils facilitent simplement l'envoi et la réception de votre argent. La société a son siège à Zurich, mais fournit des services pour les utilisateurs dans le monde entier.

Le pain se associera avec une variété d'institutions de services financiers afin de permettre la «l'achat et la vente de Bitcoin, dépôt direct des salaires dans Bitcoin, paiement des factures, l'achat et la vente de jetons, ROI suivi des actifs crypto, etc. Le pain vise à réduire la dépendance à l'égard de la clientèle sur les banques traditionnelles à base de Fiat et les déplacer dans le monde bancaire décentralisé.»

Plutôt que d'essayer de mettre en place dans chaque pays et se conforme à la loi, Pain simplement partenaires tiers établis Dans différents pays. « Si vous ouvrez votre pain au Japon, vous aurez accès à des échanges et des services locaux qui sont conformes à la loi et servent les clients au Japon. Si vous voyagez en Allemagne et y ouvrir votre pain, vous verrez les services qui sont disponibles pour une utilisation dans cette région « .

#3 0x (ZRX) **New Recommendation**



0x is a protocol for decentralized exchange (DEX) of ERC20 tokens. ZRX is the native token of the protocol. En son coeur, 0x is a system of smart contracts that can be used by anyone—it is open-source and completely free to use. Developers can use the 0x protocol as infrastructure to build user-facing decentralized exchange applications. 0x is one of the early examples of a protocol using the franchising go-to-market strategy.

Of the many technical approaches to building DEXs, we believe that 0x’s is the best. 0x utilizes off-chain matching of orders and on-chain execution of trades. This allows for a large number of individual trades to take place quickly without bloating the blockchain with unfilled/cancelled orders.

0x accomplishes this through a novel form of private key-signed messages. Users who wish to conduct a trade create a message that includes specific parameters about the trade—which tokens they’d like to trade, the price, and the order expiry. This message is signed by the user as authorization and broadcast to the network. Once broadcast, this order is open and can be filled by counterparties.

sinon, the user can name a specific counterparty and send the order directly to that party to fill. The order can only be filled according to the parameters set by the user that generated the order. When the taker signs the order, it is submitted to the Ethereum blockchain, where the trade is executed trustlessly by the 0x smart contract. This means that the smart contract simultaneously takes balances from both the maker and the taker and sends them to the counterparty at the exact same time. No third party must be trusted.

0x is an open source protocol for order discovery and execution. The 0x team aims to provide a real exchange with order books and liquidity. En tant que tel, the protocol incentivizes third parties to create channels, called “relayers,” for users to generate and broadcast these messages. 0x allows relayers to charge a fee, denominated in ZRX, for their services. While 0x offers the back-end infrastructure for decentralized exchange, relayers will provide the front-end services that allow 0x to compete with existing centralized services.

In addition to facilitating exchanges within existing DApps, the 0x protocol also makes it possible for any third party to run a dedicated decentralized exchange built directly on top of 0x. These parties are called relayers; they run their own order books and user interfaces but conduct trades using the 0x contracts. Radar Relay, The 0cean, Kin Alpha, Paradex, et EthFinex are all independent companies that are building 0x relayers. Other projects such as dYdX, Dharma, et Market are building derivatives and other financial products using 0x.

0x has an extremely talented team that is tackling one of the most pressing needs in the crypto ecosystem using the best technical approach (off-chain relay with on-chain settlement) coupled with strong market validation. The ecosystem that has emerged around 0x is incredible– not only are relayers building traditional exchanges on 0x, but others are using the protocol to offer other financial instruments, and many of the biggest projects in the Ethereum ecosystem are integrating 0x directly.

0x is fueling up for launch.

#2 EOS



The forecast by end of the calendar year 2018 is around $ 37. De même, the five-year forecast is around $ 143. Thus, the total quantum of appreciation which can be attained is actually pretty huge. This is the reason why it is worth investing as well.

de plus, when you look at the platform itself, you will realize that the platform is scalable as well. It is easier for the companies to use this platform in order to create various applications. With the help of parallel execution, it becomes easy for the company to run multiple decentralized applications.

With the help of multiple decentralized applications, the IT infrastructure need of the company is reduced. This is the reason why more and more enterprise level clients are expected by the platform. If indeed, it becomes the platform of choice for the enterprise level clients, the appreciation in the token will be huge.

This is the reason why this platform holds such a lot of potential. As more and more companies start using this platform for decentralized applications, the valuation of this platform could increase significantly.

Upcoming EOS MainNet launch: Few days left for token lockdown

With the EOS MainNet launch fast approaching, everyone has their eyes on June 2. This means only a few days have left before it splits from Ethereum. Par conséquent, the message currently doing the rounds is, register your tokens.

After May 31, all the EOS held in the ethereum wallets will be useless as they will be locked down. Those EOS token won’t even be transferable.

Alors, make sure you register your balances via the official site of EOS. One can also send them to the exchange where you put them under the mercy of EOS core developers.

Reportedly, 50 percent of EOS addresses are unregistered that will have their EOS frozen unless they get themselves registered.

Here’s an instructional video to need help:

[contenu Insérable]

Exodus movement asked its users to register as it explained:

“EOS Mainnet tokens are to be distributed in a 1:1 ratio to the ERC20 tokens held by registered addresses. The current ERC20 EOS tokens are simply placeholders. All tokens are said to be swapped for Mainnet EOS tokens after the launch of the Mainnet.”

Alors, with just days left in the MainNet launch, the anticipation is at all-time high and the market is all ready to see the EOS prices skyrocketing.

#1 Dignité (VOUS) ***New Recommendation***



Récemment Cryptobontix sont devenus les nouveaux propriétaires du jeton connu sous le nom Unité Lingot. Ils ont quelques idées sur ce qu'ils veulent faire avec le roulé auparavant sur jetons et une nouvelle direction pour cet actif. Pour nous expliquer exactement ce qui se passera à l'unité Lingot (UNY) jeton, nous devons d'abord expliquer ce qu'ils représentent et quels sont les objectifs initiaux mis en mouvement par les développeurs de UNY.

Qu'est-ce que l'unité Lingot UNY?

Unité Lingot lancé en mai 11e de 2017. Le jeton a été créé sous Ethereumformat contrat. La quantité de conversation de jetons entièrement émis a été établi à 10 milliard. L'idée de ce jeton semble assez simple au premier abord. Legacy est actif le nom du jeu. L'unité Lingot a été conçu pour être un atout précieux qui pourrait être transmis à vos générations futures ou de bons amis comme il a continué à gagner de la valeur au fil du temps.

La valeur du jeton a été conçu pour venir de pièces de rechange minières, comme Ethereum, Lite Coin, Zcash, et d'autres pièces bien connues. Après, les actifs minées doivent être vendus et transformés en lingots d'or et Bitcoin pour stocker les valeur de la pièce.

Cryptobontix a une vision légèrement différente pour l'unité Lingot. Alors qu'ils tentent toujours de continuer à maintenir l'idée d'héritage dans l'actif jeu pour UNY, ils ont aussi converti le jeton dans un nouveau jeton nommé dignité (VOUS). Le montant du contrat à puce est également réduite de l'énorme 10 milliard de jetons à un peu plus acceptable 3 milliard. Leur principal objectif est de faire en sorte que chaque jeton est soutenu par $1 d'or.

En plus de la conversion jeton, Cryptobontix envisage également de déployer 3 jetons supplémentaires mercredi, 21 février, 2018. La répartition de jetons finale est la suivante: un jeton représentant $1 USD en or, supposé être le nouveau jeton DIG, $2 USD en argent pour le deuxième nouveau jeton, $3 USD en platine pour le troisième nouveau jeton, et $4 Palladium pour le quatrième nouveau jeton. Ceci est une idée très intéressante, car maintenant ces jetons auront plusieurs façons de sauvegarder leur valeur sur le marché métaux rares.

Alors que le succès initial de UNY a été quelque peu étouffée par le déclin des valeur Bitcoin, en même temps, il a introduit une façon intéressante pour assurer les jetons conservent leur valeur et peuvent être transmis aux générations futures.

La réduction de la quantité de jetons de l'original 10 milliards de 3 milliards devrait faire une énorme différence dans la capacité de ce jeton pour conserver sa valeur; nous pensons Cryptobontix fait une excellente décision ici. Ajout de jeton supplémentaire pour diversifier le profil de valeur est également un grand mouvement.

*** dernières nouvelles ***

Management Addresses All Rumors, Telegram Drama & AUTOUR

  1. VOUS Announces New (World Class) Management Team
  2. DIG is currently on track to have 25,000 mining rigs up and running within six months. Their goal for this time next year is 65,000 mining rigs.
  3. DIG Announces Airdrop! Everyone holding DIG will be airdropped the new tokens for free as a bonus for holding DIG.

Pour accepter le parachutage, vous devrez déplacer vos jetons DIG à un portefeuille non-échange.

Le « jeton bonus » sera affiché sur un minimum de deux échanges pour éventuellement cinq.

Compatible Portefeuilles de tiers:

  • Exodus Wallet
  • MyEtherWallet (MIAULER)
  • Trezor Wallet dur
  • Ledger Wallet dur
  • Porte-monnaie pain
  • Portefeuille Mycélium

jetons DIG peuvent être transférés sur des échanges à nouveau, une fois que le parachutage a terminé.

Faites votre diligence raisonnable et être prêt. DIG is literally doubling your holdings at no cost so now you will own two different tokens.

With some of the upcoming partnerships and news expected over the next couple of months (selon les initiés de l'industrie) Dignité (VOUS) pourrait faire une autre 500% sans casser une sueur. faire la dignité (VOUS) notre #1 choisir avec le plus haut à l'envers % à l'envers.

Où acheter: LiveCoin

Cryptocurrencies pourrait aller sur un taureau courir plus que l'an dernier et passer le billion de dollars en termes de valeur, experts ont dit CNBC

Lis: Marché pourrait frapper crypto-monnaie 1 Cette année billion Selon les experts

Avoir accès à Les fonds de couverture les plus performants crypto-monnaie Dirigé par des conseillers chevronnés

The Top Exchanges

#1 Binance



Binance is the #1 exchange in our opinion. If you don’t have an account with Binance and you plan to trade crypto.. you’ll want one.

#2 Kucoin


Join Kucoin for some of the small/mid cap cryptocurrencies that may not be listed on Binance yet.

Fess of KuCoin are really competitive. It charges a flat fee of 0.1% per trade, while the average in the secctor is around 0.20% 0.25%. Besides, for those who hold KuCoin Shares, there are attractive discounts.

Micro/Small Cap Cryptos

#1 LiveCoin



Join LiveCoin to pick up smaller cap coins before they make it onto the bigger exchanges.

2018 Best Online Casinos

#1 BetChain


BetChain is an impressive casino and one of the pioneers in the Bitcoin scene. Since it was established, the casino has focused strongly on servicing the Bitcoin community. Only lately the casino has opened up its doors to traditional currencies, but its identity remains strongly defined by Bitcoin. Betchain is also re-launching its whole VIP program and refining its customer service further to offer an unprecedented gaming experience to all its clients

BetChain’s focus on service, coupled with unique bonus offers, makes it one of the most successful Bitcoin casinos. BetChain caters to customers hailing from different regions of the world. That means that apart from English, its page is also available in German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek, Dutch and Swedish. BetChain also offers live chat, 24 hour customer support, and lightning quick withdrawals.

Provably Fair: BetChain emphasizes provably fairness, allowing gamers (and the casino) to verify all bet outcomes to ensure they were correct and fair.

Safe and Secure: BetChain claims to use the latest in encryption and secure servers to ensure that customers’ money is always safe.

24/7 Soutien: Contact BetChain anytime, day or night, at support@betchain.com or through the BetChain support form.Join Now

#2 Bitstarz


The most popular Bitcoin casino out. The casino is provably fair and regulated by the Curacao government. It offers around 1,000 high quality games, however it does not offer a sportsbook feature (where you can bet on popular sporting events). Bitstarz also accepts multiple currencies and isn’t limited only to cryptos.

Deposits can be made via Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and various other methods making it highly accessible to worldwide users, even those who don’t own Bitcoin. Support is available through social media, online chat and email. It’s also probably the most appealing casino out there in terms of design.

What really caught our eye about Bitstarz is the fact that they respond to user complaints even via Reddit, which shows they care about their customer experience and are willing to step up when needed.

Join Bitstarz

#3 mBit


mBit is another major U.S. friendly bitcoin casino brand that have earned a stellar reputation for quality software and great customer service since they were founded in 2014 . They are based in Curacao and are fully regulated by the gaming commission there.

All the games at mBit were independently tested and verified for fairness by RNG.

mBit is now home to over 1,000 different games and new ones are added weekly.

Live dealer blackjack, sede, baccarat, roulette and more available for BTC or Euro.

Deposit instantly and for free. Sign-up takes seconds and only requires an email.

mBit Casino is fully functional on any Android, iPad, iPhone or Windows Phone.

United States of America players are welcome. Site in both English and Russian.

mBit have an exceptional VIP program and a 110% 1st deposit bonus to 1 BTC .

Join Now


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