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Having a great developer, team and project in place are all extremely important. Assuming those is already in place (we’re not talking about projects destined for failure) what good is an awesome project if no one gets to see it?

This is where the importance of marketing your product, ICO, знак, project game or company comes in. Often times the difference between a massively successful campaign and a silent fart in the wind often depends on marketing and promotion.

If you’re new and want to get your crypto product, знак, DApp etc. out there and fast, these 3 are the best in the business. You can save a ton of time, money and headache using any of these as opposed to trying out different “ICO & Dapp Marketing Services” just to come back to one of these to get results.


Huge Audience, Massive Platform That Will Reach A Ton of People

Advertising Options

We no longer accept sponsored articles or press releases. If you would prefer the advertising route, our digital banners on a direct buy start with a $25 cpm and require a minimum $10,000 monthly spend.

Fee: Minimum 10K USD Monthly


Huge Audience, Really Cool & Original Artwork & Large Platform With A Lot of Distributers

• Native & Creative advertising
• Calendar & Exchange Comparison, MarketCap listings
• ICO tech & marketing support
• Banners & Retargeting Campaigns

Fee: 1.1BTC


Smaller Audience Than CoinDesk & CoinTelegraph, Specializes in Niche Marketing, Paid Promotion & Social Media. Promoted 3 of the 4 Top Grossing Dapps, along with some of the largest Bitcoin Casinos & Crypto Wallets.

Featured Articles, Blog Posts & Press Releases:

  • Featured on CryptoClarified blog
  • Distributed amongst partner blogs
  • Posted on all platforms and social media sites (FB, щебет, Google+, Pinterest, Flipboard, Tumbler etc.)
  • Distributed mailing list- (Over 15,000 Subscribers)
  • Backlinks and SEO included
  • Paid Promotion Service (This is what separates CryptoClarified from the pack) Article boosted on Google Ads, facebook (work around the crypto ad ban)

For Examples of Ad Campaigns We Have Run Scroll to bottom of post.


  • 1.5ETH Submitted Content (You send your article in)
  • 3ETH Customized story, written for you
  • + 1.5ETH boost on Google Ads, facebook & щебет
  • 2ETH Banner Ads/Monthly

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We hope this article gives you a starting point in doing your research on which companies you choose to promote and advertise your crypto projects.

We have found that CoinDesk & CoinTelegraph are the best for those with more to spend, while CryptoClarified is the front runner for niche marketing (DApp’s, ICO’s, бумажники & Projects looking to reach a certain niche, but may not have 10K/month in the budget for ad spend.

There are other options as well, we have just found these to be the best. For other sites to check, here is a list of the верхний 10 Crypto Blogs & Websites You Need To Be Following.

CryptoClarified has a responsibility to our readers and subscribers. We will not publish, promote or cover any projects that do not pass our team’s due diligence. Please do not take this personally if your project is not approved. It does not mean that the project doesn’t have potential, but we do have a responsibility to our readers and subscribers.

This also does not mean that any project that is approved, or that we do decide to cover is destined for success. Anything can happen in cryptocurrency, but we do our best to cover projects that do have potential and that we believe would be of benefit to our readers.


It is important to understand that not every project that is approved, or that we do decide to cover is destined for success. Past success with other campaigns does not guarantee success with your campaign. We do our best to cover projects that do have potential and that we believe would be of benefit to our readers.

For Google, Facebook and Twitter Paid promotional services we require images that have as little text as possible. We agree to carry out any services in which we are paid, but cannot guarantee that all Facebook campaigns will be approved. For campaigns that are not approved, we will continue to edit until approved. Due to Facebook’s recent ban on cryptocurrency related promoted content, it may take longer than expected. For Ads that are unable to run do to banner image sent, article title or for any other reason, you will not lose the 1.5 ETH paid. It can be applied toward a second article or any other service.


Информация, представленная на данном сайте, не является инвестиционным советом, Финансовые консультации, торговый совет или любой другой вид советов, и вы не должны относиться к какому-либо из содержания веб-сайта как такового. CryptoClarified не рекомендует любой криптовалюта, игра или маркер должен быть куплен, продано или удерживается вами и ничего на этом сайте, не должны рассматриваться как предложение о покупке, продать или провести криптовалюту, знак, игра или что-нибудь подобное. Как провести свою собственную должную осмотрительность и проконсультироваться с финансовым консультированием, прежде чем принимать любое инвестиционное решение.

Точность информации:

Криптовалюта осветленный будет стремиться обеспечить точность информации, указанной на данном веб-сайте, хотя он не несет никакой ответственности за любой отсутствующей или неверной информации. Вы понимаете, что вы используете любую информацию, доступную здесь НА СВОЙ СТРАХ И РИСК.

Ценовой риск:

Стоимость Bitcoin и других cryptocurrencies весьма нестабильны. Обычно для повышения цен или уменьшения более чем на 20-100% в некоторых монетах в один день. Хотя это может означать потенциал для огромных прибылей, это также означает, что потенциал для огромных потерь. То же самое касается CryptoCollectible игр, которые могут быть дико спекулятивными. Не вкладывайте все свои деньги CRYPTOCURRENCIES. Только вкладывать деньги, которые вы готовы потерять.

Криптовалюта торговля не может быть пригодна для всех пользователей сайта. Каждый ищет инвестировать в cryptocurrencies должны проконсультироваться полностью квалифицированное независимый профессиональный финансовый консультант.


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