UPS მიზანზე B2B გაყიდვების New blockchain E-Commerce პლატფორმა

USI Tech იოლი პასიური ვიკიპედია საინვესტიციო

ამერიკის დაფუძნებული გადაზიდვის გიგანტური UPS გამოაცხადა ახალი blockchain ინტეგრაციის მიზნად ისახავს ბიზნესის-ის ბიზნეს (B2B) გაყიდვების ციფრული ასაკი.

გუშინ გამოცხადდა, UPS აქვს მარკირება გარიგება e-commerce კომპანია Inxeption განავითაროს პლატფორმა ხელი შეუწყოს ბიზნეს-ბიზნესის გაყიდვების, ერთი მხარდაჭერით blockchain ტექნიკა. პლატფორმა, მოუწოდა Inxeption Zippy, will work as an online catalog for businesses, according to the UPSnews page.

UPS said that the integration of services is aimed to draw more B2B merchants into e-commerce, claiming that slow adoption of online selling resources directly impacts businesses that use traditional methods for selling and advertising.

In order to help clients go digital, the platform will walk merchants through the step-by-step process of setting up an online site for the company, listing its products and achieve sales to other businesses using contract-specific pricing.

Blockchain technology will play a role in the offering of services for scheduling and monitoring shipments, as well as in transactions, purchase orders and financing record tracking on the Zippy platform. While merchants will be able to pay with credit cards, no other means of payment such as cryptocurrency was mentioned in the announcement.

The solution was inspired by the growth of B2B e-commerce, Kevin Warren, chief marketing officer for UPS commented, explaining that “B2B buyers expect the same fast and convenient shopping experiences that consumers enjoy.”

The platform will additionally provide marketing services such as search engines, sales reviews and analytics.

While the B2B e-commerce market is set to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023, according to Forrester research, most B2B products are still sold through direct sales and/or third-party distribution, says UPS.

Farzad Dibachi, CEO of Inxeption, განაცხადა:

““We’re revolutionizing B2B e-commerce and bringing companies and their customers together online in a trusted manner. This relationship creates simplified pricing solutions for B2B merchants with limited digital marketing and IT resources to easily manage all aspects of selling and shipping from one secure place.”

UPS van სურათი მეშვეობით Shutterstock

UPS მიზანზე B2B გაყიდვების New blockchain E-Commerce პლატფორმა

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