Zcash Листья Crypto рынка позади с 50 Процент Weekly Spike

На криптовалюта рынки мигает красным светом, как третья неделя мая приходит закрыть.

Общая рыночная капитализация cryptocurrencies упала на 14.48 процентов в $366 млрд в прошлом 7 дней, принимая месяц к дате потери, близкие к 30 процент, в соответствии с CoinMarketcap.

В дальнейшем, the probability that the cryptocurrency market will regain poise next week looks low, given that the bear grip around bitcoin seems to have strengthened, в соответствии с technical charts. The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market value fell below one-month lows under $8,000 сегодня, showing losses of 3.6 percent on a weekly basis.

Other larger cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash (МПБ) and EOS are reporting at least a 14 percent decline, while ethereum’s ether (ETH) has largely remained flat-lined on a weekly basis, while Ripple (XRP) has depreciated by 1.96 процент.

Amid the broad-based losses, Однако, lesser-known cryptocurrencies like zcash (ЗКЕ), binance coin (BNB) and lisk (LSK) have managed to put on a good show and are ranking higher on the list of gainers among the top 25 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Weekly top gainers


Weekly performance: +49.95 процент
All-time high: $953
Closing price on May 11: $238.83
Current market price: $358.12
Rank as per market capitalization: 20

Zcash (ЗКЕ) picked up a bid earlier this week after Gemini Trust Co. which was founded by the Winklevoss twins, объявленный support for trading the privacy-focused cryptocurrency. особенно, daily trading volume has jumped by 285 percent on a week-on-week basis, so the rally looks sustainable.

Daily chart

ZEC’s rebound from the triangle support (former resistance) has reinforced the bull case and adds credence to the ascending (бычий) 10-day moving average (Массачусетс). В дальнейшем, the 50-day MA has turned bullish (sloping upwards).

ZEC could find acceptance above the 200-day MA lined up at $360 next week. On the downside, only a close below the 10-day MA would abort the bullish view.

Binance Coin

Weekly performance: +15.93 процент
All-time high: $22.48
Closing price on May 11: $12.99
Current market price: $15.06
Rank as per market capitalization: 18

Binance coin (BNB) spent a better part of this week trading sideways before rising to a four-month high of $16.39 on Binance exchange Friday.

Daily chart

Stepping back a little, the relative strength index (RSI) had fallen below strong support at 49.00 on May 10, сигнализации медвежьего расстройства. Accordingly, BNB prices followed suit and fell below the 50-day moving average on May 15, suggesting that the trendline support could be breached in a convincing manner,

Однако, BNB defended the trendline support earlier today and rallied to four-month highs. Это говорит, only a daily close (as per UTC) above $16.00 (апрель 25 высокая) would confirm a bullish breakout and would open the doors to $20.00. между тем, acceptance below the ascending trendline would indicate a short-term bearish reversal.


Weekly performance: +3.88 процент
All-time high: $39.31
Closing price on May 11: $10.05
Current market price: $10.44
Rank as per market capitalization: 24

Lisk (LSK) is reporting a 3.8 percent week-on-week gain. While the CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ranked LSK third on its global public chain technology index this week, the news failed to put a strong bid under the cryptocurrency.

Daily chart

The above chart shows, LSK is struggling to scale the 50-day MA hurdle (currently located a $10.78) in a convincing manner. В дальнейшем, the 10-day MA has crossed the 50-day MA from above, signaling a bearish crossover. В результате, the bulls have an uphill task ahead.

A daily close below $9.37 (май 11 низкий) would open the doors to a deeper sell-off towards $7.96 (апрель 12 низкий).

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