how to make money with bitcoin trading

Easy Steps How to Make Money with Bitcoin Trading in 2018

USI Tech easiest passive bitcoin investment

Many readers ask how to make money with bitcoin so we have outlined the easiest steps we believe to make money with bitcoin trading 2018.

Investing in bitcoin is a fairly simple process when you understand it is just a series of simple steps which anyone can follow. The good thing also is that the method we outline is available to everyone no matter your income as you can get started for around 60 USD. This means it is really affordable and the steps are exactly the same.  The only difference between investing 60 USD or 6000 USD is that the returns which include free bitcoin packages occur quicker the more you invest but that does not mean you should put if off.

Because the Bitcoin value is increasing so quickly the best time to invest is now. Whatever value you can spare is a good place to start as when you look back I can guarantee the one thing you will wish is that you had got started sooner.

Here are my simple steps to get started with USI Tech and Bitcoin Wealth Club. I recommend USI Tech as this is the service I use and the only one I know which is reputable and offers these levels of return. Bitcoin Wealth Club is a community of bitcoin investors and the videos and methods they share to grow your income are extremely valuable and no cost.

how to make money with bitcoin trading 2018
how to make money with bitcoin trading in 2018

Easy Steps to Make Money with Bitcoin Trading

Step 1
Sign Up Here

Step 2
Register Your Details

Step 3
Add Funds to Your Account

Step 4
Turn on auto rebuy
Watch your funds grow

Step 5
Tell your friends
Keep reinvesting earnings
Keep investing whatever you are able to grow your portfolio

That’s all there is to it really. Your original investment will continue to grow each day, averaging 1% per day. At the end of the 140 days your initial investment will have earned 140%.

Sometimes the daily rate is slightly less than 1% sometimes it is slightly more than 1% but over the 140 days it will even itself out to an average 1% per day.

Bitcoin Trading – Double Whammy

Added to this the Auto Rebuy feature will also be automatically purchasing you additional investments throughout the first 140 day period.
All these investments will continue to grow along with the initial investment at an average 1% per day.
So you can see these investments will really start to snowball and add up.

Bitcoin Growth – Triple Whammy

If the Double Whammy wasn’t good enough there is also another benefit which adds up to a triple investment event. Your original bitcoin value will also have likely appreciated over the 140 days investment life. This value is not guaranteed but if you look historically bitcoin value has increased month on month. So for example if you look back 140 days to September 2017, the bitcoin value has tripled.

So for example if you had invested just 1,000 USD in bitcoin in September the bitcoin value just by sitting on it would now be worth 3,000 USD. However if you decide to follow the method I employ as detailed above the 1,000 USD would have increased to at least 1,400 USD without any bitcoin price changes and without auto rebuy.

With the bitcoin price changes alone it would have become 5,200 USD. To forecast the auto rebuy value we have to resort to the built in calculator. This shows as the video will highlight that the 140 day value with auto rebuy turned on would equate to an average 380% growth or 3,800 USD. If we add on the With the bitcoin price changes for the past 140 days this would have grown as a bitcoin investment to 11,400 USD.

I hope you have enjoyed our post how to make money with bitcoin trading in 2018  and the steps we have outlined that we believe are the easiest ways to make money trading with bitcoin and it inspires you to get started investing also. Sign Up Here


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