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Best Windows Bitcoin Mining Software for Laptops Review

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Computta bitcoin mining software for laptops is the only cryptocurrency investment system where users mine different altcoins or cryptocurrencies and get regular anonymous payments directly in Bitcoins without having to understand any of the complexities of hash selection or which cryptocurrency market to choose. This means, that all users of all computer types can benefit from mining bitcoin and profit from it without having to understand how it really works.

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Can I use my Laptop for Bitcoin Mining

A number of our readers have asked does bitcoin mining software for laptop work? Can I use my laptop for Bitcoin mining and is it worth the electricity that is used to run the bitcoin mining software Windows 10. In this post we review the current state of mining software and offer our recommendations.

Many people no longer purchase desktop PC’s and unless you are into gaming you probably don’t even own a desktop PC. Many businesses are also giving up desktop computers for laptops or tablets.

Similar to many people I no longer own a desktop PC but I mine bitcoin every day and I only use my laptops for this. I don’t have any state of the art laptops but I do own 2. These are also both a few years old so not new models, I have one which as an I5 CPU and one which has an I7 CPU.

The Secret to Bitcoin Mining Software for Laptops

I believe the secret to using bitcoin mining software for laptops is making the correct selection of mining software.

I did try out quite a few software mining packages when I first heard about Windows bitcoin mining but to be honest I didn’t get on with them and I initially thought it was all a waste of time and overhyped nonsense. Most software need you to select a mining pool and make a number of selections before you can start. I tried a few of these and although there was some activity that I was contributing to the pool I didn’t see any return from this.

A friend of mine however recommended I give Computta a try and I have not not looked back since.

I have been using Computta since I was recommended it a few months ago and I really do love it. I now keep my laptops running 24/7 as otherwise they would not be mining but my electricity bills are still normal and I am earning bitcoins while I am not using my laptops. So they make me money while I sleep or when I’m out and about or not using the computers.

bitcoin mining software for laptops
The Computta bitcoin mining software for laptops runs in the background and has a Smart setting function which means that after a period of inactivity it will kick in and start the mining process automatically.

The software you can see from the image has 2 graphs which it displays of the computers mining activity. One of the graphs shows the CPU or Central Processing Unit and the other shows the GPU or Graphics Processing Unit. All laptops and PC’s will have CPU’s whereas only some laptops and PC’s will have good GPU’s. Either way you can see your computer’s activity with the graphs and how busy they are. Most importantly at the bottom of the graphs you can see the running total of your efforts. This is displayed in both the amount of bitcoin earned and also the current dollar value of it.

GPU’s are used for GPU bitcoin mining and CPU’s are used for CPU bitcoin mining. Modern gaming PC’s have more powerful GPU’s and games machines are definitely more powerful for mining but they are also more energy hungry. A good specced laptop is more than capable of mining bitcoins for you and the values soon add up, as you can see.

When using software for bitcoin mining you are not actually mining a whole bitcoin but instead are earning fragments of bitcoins. I like to  think of it similar to the early gold prospectors who panned for gold. All the small gold fragments would be collected together and then get weighed in together to make a good claim.

Software for bitcoin mining is the same and when you reach a threshold you can withdraw your earnings or transfer them to your wallet as bitcoins.

These are some images taken from Computta website as earnings proof.
computta earnings BTCAnd this is the same transaction value in dollars, as you can see not too shabby.

Computta earnings dollars

Computta bitcoin mining software for laptops is free so there is no risk downloading it and giving it a try. The software when downloaded has a benchmark feature when it will test your laptop or desktop PC and will advise you how much it forecasts that you can earn. You also don’t have to worry about choosing any different mining pools or anything complicated at all as the software does all the hard work for you. It’s really very, very simple.

How to Use Bitcoin Mining Software for Laptops

  • Signup Here
  • Download Computta Windows bitcoin software
  • Install the software
  • Start it up
  • Watch your earnings grow

computta bitcoin miner

We hope you have enjoyed our bitcoin mining software for laptops post and give it a try yourself, bitcoin is growing at a phenomenal rate and you can get started here with bitcoin for free. Please like or share with your friends.

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