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NiceHash Mining Pool Setup How to & Review

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NiceHash is operating since 2014 and it’s the only cryptocurrency investment marketplace where miners (sellers) can mine different altcoins and get regular and anonymous payments directly in Bitcoins and buyers (investors) can get the opportunity to rent affordable hashing power (cloud mining) and direct it to the pool of their choosing. This way, both miners and buyers profit from the diversity of the marketplace.

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The NiceHash mining pool offers flexible mining options to the cryptocurrency mining community members. It allows people to buy and sell mining power while enabling the users to make use of their own devices to mine cryptocurrencies. A specialized NiceHash mining pool software they offer for free, allows individuals to connect their computers, GPUs, AISC machines, rig farms and more.

NiceHash Mining Pool Setup Overview

NiceHash is unique in that allows miners with old or unused mining hardware to sell their hashing power online to people looking to cloud mine, so anyone with an old miner lying around can earn money from NiceHash.

NiceHash supports a range of cryptocurrency algorithms including Bitcoin, Bitshares, EmerCoin and Digibyte (SHA 256 algorithm); Litecoin, DogeCoin, FedoraCoin (scrypt); LeoCoin, DASH, Fuelcoin, StartCoin, VCash (X11) and a lot more. Rest of the supported cryptocurrencies include Hellemmic Coin, AmberCoin, Mxcoin, HTMLCoin, Mary Jane, Talkcoin, FeatherCoin, OrbitCoin, PhoenixCoin, Vertcoin, Crypto, Vanillacoin, DGB-Qubit, Decred, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic Zcash and more.

NiceHash Mining Pool Setup

The NiceHash mining pool platform offers lots of flexibility when it comes to purchasing the hashing power. Buyers can select the cryptocurrency they would like to mine, choose the mining pool they want to connect to and even the price they are willing to pay for the hashing power while placing the order.


NiceHash has a pretty standard security setup including secure web pages and two-factor authentication, making it much safer for its users to log in and enter confidential details.

There is always a risk of NiceHash’s cloud mining service being hacked, so it is advisable to not leave large amounts of BTC in your user account.

Customer Support

NiceHash is said to have a responsive and efficient customer support that can be reached by email or by raising a support ticket on the platform. Most of the frequently faced issues by the customers are already listed in the FAQ section of the website, which makes it easier for the users to troubleshoot the problems or get their queries addressed without having to interact with the customer support team.


  1. Signup Here
  2. Download the program
  3. Install the program
  4. Run it
  5. Put your wallet address
  6. Click on the button benchmark and run the benchmark
  7. Enable the GPU or the CPU both can aswell
  8. Click Start ! Done


NiceHash mining pool is more of a cloud mining hashpower trading platform than a cloud mining service. However, they both share many striking similarities. The company seems to have a good track record so far. Users keep receiving payments and services as advertised. Factoring the service, years of operations and the experience of some of the users, NiceHash could be something worth exploring, especially if you have an old miner/computer lying around and would like to sell hashing power.

setting up a NiceHash mining pool

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